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Great players are made by big moments and huge achievements - be it winning an important title, showing off their ability to clutch it out or the accumulation of major wins in course of time.

We're deep into the seventh year of StarCraft II and rightfully so, we have a lot of things to look back on. Today, we would like to revisit the biggest career moments from one of our own: our Zerg queen, Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn.


2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Canada Nationals

We start off with where Scarlett made a lot of heads turn for the very first time in her career.

In July of 2012, Scarlett has managed to receive an invite to the WCS Canada offline event where she was pitted against the best players Canada had to offer.

And she did not disappoint. She ran through the likes of Nova, HuK, Ostojiy and DdoRo before facing Ostojiy again in the Grand Final where she dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's on her overall performance to make her the Canadian champion.

This tournament not only netted her a prize money of $6,000 but also a ticket to the WCS North America Finals which were scheduled to take place only a month later which brings us to the..


2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: North America Finals

This is August of 2012 now. After running through her competition in Canada, it was time for her to showcase her skills on the continental stage.

And she was able to take the momentum from the Canadian nationals with her to the United States as she finished the tournament with a total map score of 12-1 only losing a map in the first round to theognis. From there on out, she was able to best Mystik, HuK, Insur and ViBE twice, the latter being able to keep IdrA out of the Grand Final, to secure the $24,000 in prize money.


But more important than that, one could say that this was her way of letting the world know that she is a major force to be reckoned with.


Red Bull Battle Grounds New York City

Having career defining moments is not only about winning big tournaments, though. In November of 2013, Scarlett was involved in the Red Bull Battle Grounds event which was taking place in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

And it not only featured eight of the best players of the game at that point in time but also what many people call the "best StarCraft II game of all time" - and our Zerg queen was a part of that encounter.

She faced Korean Terran Bomber to determine who advances into the semi-finals as the second-placed player of Group A. After two games of this best of three, it was 1-1 and the deciding map was Habitation Station. Scarlett found herself without a base while Bomber was able to secure a gold base in order to keep his economy healthy.

Some players would have tapped out at that point but Scarlett was able to gain the upper hand by luring Bomber's marine force into not one but two burrowed Baneling detonations which secured her the game in the end.

She ended up securing a 3rd place finish after beating Korean legend MC in the decider and earned $6,000 along the way. But what really kept everyone still buzzing after everything was said and done was the ending of that Game 3 against Bomber.


Scarlett named highest-earning female esports player

It's not that long ago but it's always nice to get the recognition of the mainstream media - the kind people from Guinness World Records have honored Scarlett with the awards for "highest career earnings for a competitive videogame player (female)" as well as "most esports tournament results by a female gamer".

Considering Scarlett is participating in the big tournaments for a very long while now, it's easy to disregard which huge accomplishments she already has to her name. It must feel good to receive the recognition one deserves - especially when it comes from such a renowned institution.


Kings of the North Season 3

Let's end this on another win of hers - and a fairly recent one.

Scarlett was able to participate at the Kings of the North tournament at the end of September. To feature in the third iteration of this tournament, Scarlett had to go through the LAN qualifier which has taken place on the same weekend as the main event - and she had no problem doing that with a flawless performance.

Looking at the main event however, she had kind of a rocky start. The format included a Round Robin to seed the eight participants where she only placed fifth after seven games.

It looked better as she went on to the play-off stage, however, as she beat both PandaBearMe, viOLet and MaSa pretty handily. Afterwards, it was time for the Grand Final against Brazilian Terran Kelazhur who emerged from the loser bracket - and he gave Scarlett a run for her money.

Her winner's bracket advantage was quickly nullified but after a constant back-and-forth, Scarlett was able to secure the win in this best-of-five on the last map, King Sejong Station.

This guaranteed her not only around $1,200 and a prestigious title in North America - but also a crown!

 source: theScore eSports


The queen of blades can really look back at great accomplishments and she is far from hanging up the mouse and keyboard. We're sure Scarlett will continue to amaze us with huge plays and many more trophies.

Looking at 2017 in a greater scale, she has the opportunity to make history once again with her participation in the Global StarCraft II League: Code S in the current season.

Her very next opportunity at gold is at the World Electronic Sports Games in China next weekend. Make sure to support her along the way.

Is there anything you would like to have seen in this list that I missed out on? Let me know on Twitter @TheyCallMe94.

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