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With the announcement of our new female CS:GO team, I had a chat with team captain Ivelina "HellRose" Danova as her team starts their journey in the organisation.

  • Hello HellRose, welcome to expert! Please introduce yourself and your team?

Hey! My name is Ivelina 'HellRose' Danova, I'm from Bulgaria, 25 years old and currently reside in Sweden. My team mates are Kelly 'KllyVe' Verhaegen who's from Belgium and a very strong German trio that is Lisa 'shifty' Catino, Gina 'Jinjin' Kleinen and Julia 'Julie' Strunkowski.

  • So, you've had a fairly successful 2016, how has the year gone in your opinion? 

I think 2016 has been a very successful year for us in CS:GO. We have managed to qualify and attend all female tournaments and for us that's an achievement.

  • The final competition of 2016 is coming up shortly. How do think you face up against your opponents?

Yes, our next competition is ESWC and we are really looking forward to competing in Paris. For Gina and Kelly, this will be their first time attending ESWC. They are very excited and we really want to prove that our team deserves to be considered a top female team. Our goal is to perform really well so next year we can grab one of those direct invites.

  • Moving into the online tournaments now, you're competing in SKYLLA. How has the experience been so far for your team?

We have competed in SKYLLA twice now and when we are versus other female teams we always win, but as soon as we have to play against male teams, we lose our confidence and everything falls apart. This month we decided to skip the tournament in order to focus on practising for ESWC. We are also playing ESL Female League where we are currently 3-0 in the group stage.

  • Looking towards 2017, what are your expectations for tournaments from the new year onwards?

We already know that CPH Games are going to have a tournament and that's good. I think every girl is hoping for the same tournaments as 2016 and maybe even more for example why not offline finals in Germany for the ESL Female League or some LAN event at DreamHack? Every female tournament is appreciated but we are also open for attending some small male events that are located close to us.

  • In terms of the general female CS scene, how do you see it expanding in the near future?

With female teams getting stronger, hopefully other tournaments will notice this and start to create female tourneys as well. Would be nice to compete at something like ELEAGUE in the future.

  • Any final words that you want to give?

I want to thank Team expert for the opportunity to work with us and hopefully we will justify their expectations.

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