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expert presents: Team expert.Black

Two weeks ago, a news had the effect of a bomb in the TrackMania community. One of the best lineups around became teamless out of the blue.

It is our great honor to announce that they have a new home: Team expert! As there is the Stadium Team Championships #12 currently being played, they will join as Team expert.Black while the current line up will be called Team expert.Orange from now on.

In TrackMania, when you hear about "el clasico" it means that the two best line ups of the world are fighting. These two line ups have been bitter enemies for years now on the race tracks of various TrackMania versions that were around in the last years. Now, those two line ups are united under the same flag, in the same organisation.

To give some numbers, Team expert.Black is nothing less than nine players, two world champions with five world championships and for sure the most talented player on the scene, and three times in a row World Champion : CarlJr! 

The following players are now part of our roster:

  • Fredrik “Bergie” Bergmann (World Champion from 2010; Team Captain)
  • Tim "Spam" Lunenburg (World Champion from 2012)
  • Carl Antoni "CarlJr" Cloutier (World Champion from 2013, 2014 and 2015)
  • Jonathan "JohNo" Holmes
  • Thomas "Paco" Cole
  • Jose "JaviFlyer" Javier Munos
  • Brendan "Bren" Seve
  • Henri "Insane" Kyynäräinen
  • Kenz "Symbiose" Le Gouge

Here is a statement from Fredrik "Bergie" Bergmann, Team expert.Black Captain:

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to play under an organisation like Team expert. This opens up a whole new chapter in our TrackMania career and gives us the possibility to not only grow as players, but also keep chasing our gaming dreams. We will do our utmost best to continue placing high in the rankings and to inspire the younger generation of gamers to chase their goals. When one chapter closed, another one opened its doors."

And there is a statement from the Team expert.Orange captain, Jonas 'JohN' Kemmler

"Two weeks ago the TrackMania scene had to withstand a bombshell being dropped on it. But as we all know: If one door closes, another one opens. I’m really excited to now call former rivals our new team mates! It’s great to get together with high class players such as Carl Jr., Spam and Pac and I’m looking forward to great success with all of our TrackMania boys.

We will end the ongoing STC12 as two separated teams, Orange and Black. We’ll see if we will make any changes to this system in the future but for now it’s the only way to play. I don’t think there ever has been an organization like Team expert playing with two teams in TrackMania. Both of this teams are top notch in the TrackMania scene and I’m sure we will see many titles going Team expert's way.

A huge thank you to our CEO, Uwe, who made all of this possible!

The only thing left to say is: WELCOME. LOS AMIGOS!”

Welcome home, Los Amigos!

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