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Team expert signs female CS:GO team

Team expert finally enters the world of CS:GO, in the same area that the previous incarnation ended it in.

Today, we announce that we have signed the female Team Heaven roster just in time for the ESWC tournament at the end of October.

The line-up brings together parts of the former CM Storm female lineup, myXMG and others, with players having experience ranging back into previous versions of CS. This instantly helped them along to strong performances this year, catapulting them to the top of the scene.

Starting off quickly, the team started it off competing in E-Frag's Rising Stars Female tournament, coming second to what eventually became Team Secret. Next up came the second Intel Challenge Katowice tournament after qualifying through. This saw them finish in fifth, after being placed in arguably the hardest group alongside CLG.Red and Team LDLC.

After Katowice the girls went north to Copenhagen to take part in the female Copenhagen Games tournament. After topping their group, they went all the way to the semi-finals where they fell out to Team Secret again, who eventually won the tournament. Finally the girls went to St. Petersburg for the StarLadder Female Stars Championship, after coming second in the qualifier. Here the girls came third, only after dropping to the lower bracket with an extremely close game against Team Secret. The year is set to end with ESWC, where the girls triumphed in the second EU qualifier which sends them straight to Paris.

The new Team expert CS:GO Female line-up is:

  • Ivelina “HellRose” Danova (captain)
  • Gina “JinJin” Kleinen
  • Lisa “shifty” Catino
  • Kelly “KllyVe” Verhaegen
  • Julia “Julie” Strunkowski

Here is a statement from the team captain, Ivelina "HellRose" Danova:

"We are very happy to have found a new home in Team expert. Especially now right before ESWC, it was very important to have these things sorted out as it distracts the players immensely. That's why we were eager to make it work quickly and the executives helped us a lot along the way. Now, we are more than ready to get things going and to focus solely on the gaming side of things again. Time to get ready for ESWC!"

You can read an extended interview with the team captain right here: HellRose: 'We are really looking forward to competing in Paris'

For now, there is nothing left to say but: welcome home, girls!

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