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Scarlett wins WESG America Qualifier

After a great tournament run, she goes the distance with MajOr in the final and wins with a score of 4-3.

By winning, she takes home around $12,000 as well as a ticket to the Grand Finals which take place in China later this year.

You can see her tournament run below but for now, there is not a lot to say other than: Congratulations, Sasha!

Finals result:

  • Scarlett 4:3 Major

Semi-final result:

  • Scarlett 3:1 Neeb

Round-of-six result:

  • Scarlett 3:1 Cham

Group stage results:

  • Scarlett 2:0 EGG
  • Scarlett 2:0 Erik
  • Scarlett 2:0 Ryu
  • Scarlett 0:2 MajOr

From Friday, October 21st until Sunday, October 23rd, our very own Zerg specialist Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn will fight for one of six spots in the WESG Grand Final which will be held in China in December.

After she made it through the Canadian qualifier without losing a map, she will now meet ten other players - one of them being the freshly crowned winner of the 2016 KeSPA Cup Neeb - in Sao Paulo to earn her place in the Grand Final.

Here is a list with both groups:

   Group A  
Neeb Protoss USA
DominiC Protoss Uruguay
Kelazhur Terran Brazil
NoRegreT Zerg Canada
Cham Zerg Mexico
eGGz Zerg Colombia


   Group B  
EGG Zerg Argentina
Ryu Zerg Italy
Erik Zerg Brazil
MajOr Terran Brazil
Scarlett Zerg Canada


All of them will not only fight for a spot in the Grand Final but also for approx. 12,000 USD which are waiting for the winner.

You can watch the whole thing here and if you are not able to, make sure to catch our Social Media coverage.

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