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ByuN's done it! He is our 2016 WCS World Champion at BlizzCon!

You can revisit the glorious best-of-seven which concluded the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon 2016 right here:

Grand Finals updates:

  • ByuN has begun the epic Best of 7 series against Dark, the first map being Galactic Process LE!
  • Although the early Reaper rush doesn't quite get the gains he was hoping for, the late game proves to work instead! ByuN's incredible macro play carries him to a 1-0 victory over Dark. Next map is New Gettysburg LE!
  • The Ultralisks and Zerglings overwhelm ByuN after a Banshee Helion opener that doesn't get too much done, and it's all tied up, 1-1! We're moving on to Frozen Temple. Will we see the double Medivac / Stimpack timing attack?
  • This match proved how crucial micro skill is to winning early game against a Zerg. The Reaper grenades start killing Ravagers, and the all-in from Dark is shut down hard! 2-1 now, ByuN in the lead. 
  • ByuN does it again! His incredible late game play combined with incredible micro skills against Zerglings wins him yet another match, 3-1 now for the man in orange! King Sejong Station is up next, and this could be it! Just one more map!
  • An insane game 5 leaves Dark the victor as his late game Ultralisk composition just becomes too much, and ByuN is left with no methods of resupplying. 3-2 now, ByuN still in the lead. This could be the last map of BlizzCon!
  • HE DOES IT! ByuN takes the final map in an incredible game against Dark, sealing the deal 4-2! Team expert's ByuN is your WORLD CHAMPION!!

Semi-final result:

  • ByuN 3:1 Stats

Quarter final result:

  • ByuN 3:1 TY

Group stage games:

  • ByuN 2:0 viOLet
  • ByuN 0:2 ShoWTimE
  • ByuN 2:0 Dear

Our One Man Army (who’s no longer alone!), Byeon Hyeon 'ByuN' Woo has had a long year full of obstacles, pain and – most important of all – hard work and dedication. And by the end of the day, that is what counts – it paved him the way to participate in the World Champion Series (WCS) Global Playoffs and Finals. Let’s take a look at how he made it to the Globals and what awaits him there, shall we?

All roads lead to BlizzCon – but not for everyone

WCS is the tournament system divided in two regions: WCS Circuit and WCS Korea. Various Premier StarCraft tournaments offer WCS points for grabs besides the prize money, and the first eight highest in each region's standings qualify for the Global Finals. As it does every year, it takes place in Anaheim, California, USA during Blizzard’s own convention, BlizzCon. Playoffs will be on Thursday, October 27th and Friday, October 28th and the Finals will take place on Friday, November 4th and Saturday, November 5th. $500,000 are on the line, among the prestige of being the Global StarCraft Champion!

ByuN’s road to WCS Globals

Due to the region lock, ByuN was only allowed to participate in the Korean region regarding WCS. Global StarCraft II League (GSL), StarLeague, WCS Korea Cross Finals and KeSPA Cup gave opportunities to grab a ticket for the WCS Globals. ByuN is third in Korean standings. 

The first half of the year, it looked good for our Terran player, but not nearly good enough to actually have a shot at Globals. ByuN qualified for StarLeague Season 1 in double elimination brackets by beating GuMiho, but falling to MyuNgSiK in Finals. In the lower bracket he was able to defeat Losira, hence advancing to the main event. However, he was put into the Loser’s Bracket from RagnaroK during the quarter finals, and eliminated by Stats in the Loser's semi-finals, going home 5th and securing himself his first 1,200 WCS Points of the year.

ByuN played GSL Code A in Season 1, placing 52th which was very disappointing for him, but adding 100 WCS points to his name.

Season 2 started off with StarLeague, where he qualified easily, Zest being the only player he lost to. Unfortunately, ByuN could not make it out of his group in the main event. He ends up third in Group C and not advancing to the playoffs, but after all, that run brought him 800 WCS points.

His most notable performance was without doubt the second season of GSL. ByuN qualified for Code S. In the first group stage, he lost his first group match to Losira, but continued his run by 2:0-ing Seed and once again Losira, making it out second of Group C and advancing to the round-of-16. Ending up in Group B, he beat his opponents sOs and Dark, dropping only one map. ByuN kept his momentum, beating Ryung 3:2 in a rather close quarter final, but from then on knocking out the players in a convincing manner – Dear could only take off one map in the best-of-seven semi-final, and with a clear 4:1 victory against sOs, ByuN took the title as GSL champion!

source: Kenzi

Winning GSL secured him a spot at WCS Globals, no matter his position in WCS points standings, yet it added another 4,000 points, and with another 225 points from KeSPA Cup, he reaches a total of 6325 WCS points, placing him behind Dark and Solar in standings.

Outlook on Groups

Group A

Dark and Stats showed solid results in this year’s WCS Korea, competing against the two foreigners in this group, PtitDrogo and Snute. PtitDrogo replaces Polt who is not able to compete due to military service, will he use his chance to create some upsets?

Group B

TRUE is the sole Zerg in a group full of Protoss. Zest is probably the favourite to advance first out of his group, but all eyes are certainly on American Protoss Neeb with excellent results over the whole year, also being the first foreigner in StarCraft 2 to win a major Korean tournament. The Korean Patience completes the group.

Group C

The players seeded in this group will not make it easy for our Team expert player. ShoWTimE is one one of the best Protoss players outside of Korea. viOLet finished every tournament this year at least top 16, Dear even came out at least top 8. Will ByuN continue his phenomenal story line by making it out of his group?

Group D

The two Eastern Europe talents Elazer and Nerchio dominated a lot of tournaments, but Solar is also a tough opponent to beat. TY is the only Terran competing here. It’s hard to predict who is in favor to advance here.

Wrapping up

It's the culmination of the whole season for all 16 of these guys so everyone will have to be on top of their game. The action starts Thursday, October 27th but ByuN will not join the action until Friday, October 28th. Check out our Social Media coverage to stay up-to-date on everything happening around our Korean hope.

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