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Neeb all-kills ROOT Gaming

We're still going strong in the WardiTV Team League Season 7 as we were able to win our fourth game in a row.

Matchday 4 results vs. ROOT Gaming:

  • Bly 0-1 herO
  • Scarlett 0-1 herO
  • Neeb 1-0 herO
  • Neeb 1-0 CatZ
  • Neeb 1-0 Demilove
  • Neeb 1-0 Kelazhur

Matchday 3 results

  • Neeb 1-0 Nitix
  • Neeb 1-0 IIPrincipino
  • Neeb 1-0 btmn
  • Neeb 1-0 StakimaN

Matchday 2 results vs. True eSport:

  • Bly 1-0 Ryung
  • Bly 1-0 souL
  • Bly 1-0 Reynor
  • Bly 1-0 Vincent

Matchday 1 results vs. IsIMBA:

  • Bly 1-0 Krr
  • Bly 1-0 DIMAGA
  • Bly 1-0 Guru
  • Bly 1-0 goblin

This year, our StarCraft players sure had some great performances in individual leagues under the flag of Team expert. And now we have the chance to show some great results as an entity at WardiTV’s Team League!

Created by Jonathon “Wardi” Ward, the tournament series will launch into its seventh edition, formerly known as SC2Improve. Since 2012, the community funds the prize pool and allows StarCraft II teams to play each other to recreate the Korean ProLeague feeling in the foreign scene. The Team League gained a lot of popularity over the years. With the number of teams signing up, the tournament got split into several divisions sorted by skill level and region.

Team expert is placed in the First Global Division which is qualifiers and invites only. $2500 are up for grabs in total, of which the winner team gets $1750, leaving the runner up team with $750. Obviously, our whole roster containing of Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn, Aleksandr "Bly" Svysiuk and Byeon Hyeon "ByuN" Woo will fight in expert’s name, and in addition to that, Alex "Neeb" Sunderhaft is also going to be part of Team expert for the WardiTV Team League. The American Protoss player resides in a team house with Scarlett in Korea.

The 18 teams in the First Division are divided into two groups. Team expert is in Group B, finding ourselves among notable teams such as True eSport and Cascade. One team is yet to be announced. Without doubt, Team Liquid is one of the scariest opponents to face, with a strong line up of the World’s finest StarCraft players.

The first week of regular competitions begins on December 5th for all divisions. Make sure to keep an eye on WardiTV Team League’s official webpage and the TeamLiquid thread to catch important information and dates! And be prepared to cheer our team on in the playoffs, Team expert fighting!


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