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CS:GO Girls win Female Open Winter 2016

Not one map has been lost on their way to the title!

Grand final:

  • Team expert 3-0 Mormon Jesus (19-15 Mirage, 16-4 Train with map advantage from winner bracket)

Winner bracket final:

  • Team expert 2-0 Team Property (16-14 Mirage, 16-6 Dust2)

Out of 15 teams, our female team made it to the Winner Bracket Final, in which they have to face the European team Team Property.

Before they got into the WB-Final they had to face three other strong teams:

  • Round-of 16: Team expert 2-0 ffkkd (16-04, 16-12)
  • Quarter-final: Team expert 2-0 MASY - Make A Sandwich Yourself (16-12, 16-12)
  • Semi-final: Team expert 2-0 Doge eSport Female (16-05, 16-06)

The CS:GO 5on5 Female Open Winter 2016 Playoff tournament is played in a double elimination bracket, which means you will be transferred to the loser bracket as soon as you have lost the first game instead of going out of the cup completely. Four teams are still remaining and compete for the crown. Our girls will play on Saturday, December 10th at 11:00 CETIf our girls win the WB-Final, they will compete in the Grand Final on Sunday, December 11th at 11:00 CET, otherwise they will drop into the Loser Bracket and have to play either against Mormon Jesus or Doge eSport Female on Saturday, December 10th at 17:00 CET and can get with a win there to the long yearned Grand Final.


We wish our girls all the best and hope that they can lift the trophy.

The games will be streamed on several channels, so you better don't miss the streams. Here are two streams for the German Live Coverage and the English Live Coverage.

We will also provide you with information and live coverage via our Social Media channels, if you aren't able to watch the game and to tell you when the streams go on air.

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