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Scarlett eliminated from WESG

Scarlett has lost her quarter-final match against Maru.

Quarter-final result:

  • Scarlett 0-3 Maru

Round-of-12 result:

  • Scarlett 3-0 Jim

Group stage matches:

  • Scarlett 0-2 Neeb
  • Scarlett 2-0 iAsonu
  • Scarlett 2-0 MajOr
  • Scarlett 2-0 Zerghamdi
  • Scarlett 1-2 Elazer

Starting on Thursday, January 12th, our Zerg queen Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn will fight for the overall prize pool of over $400,000 as she travels to Changzhou, China. She will participate in Group C where she will face the likes of Neeb, MajOr and Elazer.

This huge tournament organised by will provide the winner with $200,000 which makes this the second biggest tournament in prize money in the history of StarCraft II.

We will, of course, cover all things Scarlett as she progresses throught the tournament - follow us on Twitter to get all the updates.

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