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The future of our TrackMania division

Today, we have an announcement concerning our two TrackMania lineups and incoming changes which will be effective immediately.

We were extremely glad to be able to have our original TrackMania squad with us directly while launching the project at Gamescom back in August. In fact, the lineup, or more specifically racehans, brought the organisation its first title. The lineup was also doing very well in the Stadium Team Championship and other single player tournaments.

Then, in October, one announcement shocked the TrackMania world - we acquired the most prestigious lineup in the game with three-time World Champion Carl-Antoni 'CarlJr' Cloutier and kept both lineups seperate at first. And it showed to be the right decision - both lineups dominated the Stadium Team Championship where they met in the final and we sent seven out of 16 participants to the ManiaPlanet World Cup where we were able to crown a new World Champion.

Now, however, with the eXeS Team Championship coming to an end and the organisation going into the next phase, we decided to make adjustments. From now onwards, the two lineups Black and Orange will be dissolved and one new lineup will emerge. This lineup will consist of the following players:

  • Jonas 'JohN' Kemmer (team captain)
  • Botond 'Royal' Ördög
  • Thomas 'Serbi' Pedersen
  • Hans 'HansRace' Pausch
  • Fredrik 'Bergie' Bergmann
  • Carl-Antoni 'CarlJr' Cloutier
  • Tim 'Spam' Lunenburg
  • Henri 'Insane' Kyynarainen
  • Dennis 'Massa' Lotze
  • Thomas 'Pac' Cole
  • Brendan 'bren' Seve
  • Romain 'roa' Aillet 
  • Kenz 'Symbiose' Le Gouge

We want to thank everyone who was involved with the two teams in course of time and wish them best of luck in the future!

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