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Massa places 4th at Gamers Assembly

After reaching the grand final, Massa only places fourth at this year's Gamers Assembly.

Massa: 4th place
Bergie: loser bracket semi-final
Spam: loser bracket semi-final
Roa: out of the tournament

From currently 57 participants who will fight for the 2200€ prize money, four of them will wear our Team expert colors while pacing around the courses. These four players will be:

  • Dennis 'Massa' Lotze
  • Fredrik 'Bergie' Bergmann
  • Tim 'Spam' Lunenburg
  • Romain 'Roa' Aillet

Additionally, a few very interesting names pop out while looking at the list of participants. Current top-level drivers like Kappa and Tween are accompanied by legends of the sport like YoYo and oNio, which will most likely create a very interesting tournament. So let's see the facts:

Favs : Massa, Tween, Kappa, Kronos

Dennis "expert|Massa" Lotze will have to fight hard to keep the title he won in the previous edition. Massa made a pretty good season so far, finishing 4th of the last World Championships in Paris and ending second after a sick comeback in the very last Gaming WinterFest played in Melun few weeks ago. Our very own player coming from Germany has a strong chance to reach the Grand Final as he is trained enough.

Martin "PkD//Kappa" Krombolc finally took his first major win in the Gaming WinterFest. After a lot of fails in the previous offline tournaments he finally had enough experience to resist the pressure and to bring home his first trophy. Kappa is expected to be one of the best player in this Gamers Assembly. But will he be able to do it again? 

Driving all the way from western Europe with KappaMarek "eSuba|Tween" Pascher will have to get over his last tournament. The 5 times world cup medalist underperformed in the last GWF not accessing to the Grand Final while everyone was expecting a fight between Tween and Kappa for the title.
Benjamin "*aAa* Kronos" Suzenne is definitely the best French player at the moment. After finishing third at Gaming WinterFest and doing TOP7 in the last World Cup, he definitely wants to win a title again.

Some other players to keep an eye on, like Spam, HakkiJr, Cocow or Bergie are also hyped for the tournament and will try their best to lift up the trophy.

All in all, the Gamers Assembly tournament will be an interesting one with lots of strong competitors, who all have chances on winning it.

Make sure to check out this news for the latest results or our social media channels, on which we will keep you up-to-date.

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