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It's time for the Virtuelle Bundesliga finals

Starting on April 15th, our players Mohammed 'Mo_aubameyang' Harkous, Kevin 'AssiaKevin' Assia and Savas 'Gooku94' Destanoglu participate in the finals of the Virtuelle Bundesliga.

Sunday update

Mo_aubameyang's first and sadly last game of the quarterfinals was against Niklas Raseck. In the first game, Mo_aubameyang lost with a score of 0:1 after Raseck converted a penalty situation. The rematch between the players was a 1:1 tie. Because Mo_aubameyang lost the first game with given score, he needed at least a positive goal-difference of 1 in the rematch to stay in the tournament. This means, that he was eliminated by Raseck in this game.

Raseck was able to get into the final, where he played against Cihan Yasarlar. The players tied in their first game with a score of 1:1, but in the rematch Cihan showed his dangerousness in the enemies penatly zone and won with a score of 4:2 against Raseck. Therefore, Cihan is the winner of the VBL finals 2017. Congratulations!

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Saturday update  ... see the gallery

With the groupstage beeing finished, Mo_aubameyang was able to qualify for the semifinals tomorrow. Since he had ten points after his four games of the groupstage, he reached the first place in his group. Gooku94 and AssiaKevin both sadly ended on position four in their groups and therefore didn't qualify for the playoffs or the semifinals. Since Mo_aubameyang directly qualified for the semifinals and Gooku94 & AssiaKevin got eliminated in the groupstage, none of our players participated in the playoffs. All other games and statistics can be viewed here. We also did an interview with Mo_aubameyang which can be seen on our official youtube channel!



Friday update

 The groups have just been released on the page of the virtuelle Bundesliga. Mo_aubameyang and AssiaKevin are starting in group 2, Gooku94 in group 4.

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Said finals will take place at the newly created soccer museum in Dortmund, Germany. Twenty participants will be able to fight for the official VBL trophy and a total pricepool of 25.000€. Also, the top 4 players will be granted a wildcard to the second Regional Qualifiers of the Ultimate Team Championship in Madrid!

The players will be divided into four groups with five players each. Two groups only contain PS4 players and the other two only contain XBOX players. Mo_aubameyang and AssiaKevin are going to play in the XBOX group and Gooku94 is going to play in one of the PS4 groups.

The tournament tree works as follows:


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The event will kick-off with the group stage on Saturday at 12:45 CEST. All games can be watched via the official EA Twitch channel. Make sure to come and cheer for our players fighting for the crown of the German FIFA scene. For further informations visit the official page of the virtuelle Bundesliga.

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