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Heroes of the Storm squad takes on Dignitas in HGC 2017!

Our HotS boys are back for the second phase of the HGC, and it all starts with a long-awaited rematch with Fnatic!

Match vs Dignitas ended in a heartbreaking loss for expert, but gave fans an incredible (and LONG) series to enjoy!

  • Map 1 - Win on Tomb of the Spider Queen!
  • Map 2 - Loss on Dragon Shire!
  • Map 3 - Win on Braxis Holdout!
  • Map 4 - In progress on Battlefield of Eternity.
  • Map 5 - Loss on Infernal Shrines.

A true nail biter of a series yields Dignitas the victors, 3-2. It was a close match, but it looks like that #3 EU rank will have to wait for another day. 

Match vs Fnatic ended in a loss, be sure to check back tomorrow for our match against Dignitas!

  • Map 1 - Expert victory on Braxis Holdout!
  • Map 2 - Loss on Towers of Doom.
  • Map 3 - Loss on Sky Temple.
  • Map 4 - Loss on Battlefield of Eternity.

It was a valiant effort, but similar to last time, we fall 1-3 to Fnatic. 

Our Heroes of the Storm squad is back fighting in the Heroes Global Championship, and they take on Dignitas today! We sit at a current #4 placement in Europe, while Fnatic sits at #2. The last match we played against them a couple months ago didn’t end up going in our favor, but it was still close nonetheless, and we proved with it that we are at least top 4 material. This would be a huge win for us, and you can rest assured that our guys have been preparing for it.

You can follow along via our live coverage on our twitter, and we will also have a score update on this page as well.