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Team expert signs 14-year-old Denis Müller

Today, we're very glad to present the newest addition to the expert family: Denis Müller.

Having started to play FIFA at the age of ten, Denis is shaking up the competitive scene since the better part of a year now while grabbing the attention of everyone by constantly performing well in both ESL tournaments as well as the Weekend League which has been introduced to the game together with FIFA 17.

One of his greatest accomplishments, however, was reaching the final of the Virtuelle Bundesliga qualifier in Mönchengladbach last year where he was able to beat poldi10 among others.

He has also played football for eight years until a severe injury took him out of the game - you could still say that he is in love with every aspect of football, on the pitch as well as the console.

This is what our CEO, Uwe Semtner, has to say about the signing:

"We love to have the opportunity to support the youth in esports and with Denis, we have the perfect combination of youth and competitiveness - he definitely doesn't have to shy away from the top of the food chain in FIFA. We've had a close look on him for a long time now and are glad to finally have sealed the deal on this signing. Although he is not allowed to participate at the big tournament as of now, we're sure that he will be one of the greats - his time will come."

You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

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