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A roster change is taking place for our CS:GO team, and Julia “Julie” Strunkowski will be leaving the team, while a substitute covers for the missing 5th this weekend.

Our female CS:GO lineup will be experiencing a change soon, and we want to give a big thank-you and farewell to Julia “Julie” Strunkowski, who will no longer be playing for us.

But don’t think our CS ladies are done – in fact, they’re just getting started. Dreamhack Summer qualifiers begin this coming weekend, and our ladies have every intention of playing their hardest. The team has been testing lots of options for a new 5th, but for now, they will be playing with a stand-in for the start of Dreamhack qualifiers this weekend. That stand-in will be Madalina "iLLa” Gherman, who the team collectively agreed on for a substitute for the time being. We have no information yet as to the duration of the substitute, or considerations for her to take a permanent position. Despite the suddenness of this roster change, we are confident that the ladies will be able to play at their fullest, and we’re excited to see what they will be capable of together!

Our CS:GO ladies will be playing this Saturday, at 12:00 AM CEST. These first rounds are qualifiers, in which the 1st and 2nd place prize is an invitation to the main event. This will be the first of two qualifiers for the event, the second of which will take place on May 2nd to 3rd, featuring another 32 teams who will compete for the same prizes. We hope to be among those who receive invites, but no matter the result, we’re fully confident that our team will play their best!

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