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Team expert at DreamHack Summer

With our Female CS:GO team and two Starcraft 2 players, Bly and Scarlett, attending DreamHack Summer this weekend in Jönköping - it's a big weekend of competition for our players here.

Day One - Saturday


Our girls are competing in the Esport United Masters competition at DreamHack Summer 2017. With them placed in Group A, this means they're competing on the Saturday and, if qualified, the Monday. This gives the girls a nice break on the Sunday to prepare for the Semi-Finals.

The first game for our team was against Planet Odd, the former LGB roster. This started over on Cache, where the girls navigated themselves to a 16-12 win to set up for a match against Dynasty. This was to be on Cobblestone, where unfortunately we didn't manage to overcome the former Team Secret roster. as they won 16-4. This set us up for a match against the Brazilians of BootKamp. This was a Best-of-3 match-up where a win would've sent us to the playoffs on Monday. The first map was Cache, where the girls had an extremely close match in both halves, unfortunately falling 16-13. The next map was a different story, as we were dominant throughout on Overpass, taking the map 16-5 after a dominant 13-2 half. The final deciding map was Mirage, where we were as dominant, securing another 16-5 win. This sets us up for second īn Group A, where our girls will face whoever comes top of Group B.

Starcraft 2

Our Starcraft 2 story kicks off in the morning with Bly, competing in the WCS open tournament here in Jönköping. He kicked off in Group Stage One, as the top seed in Group G. Essentially, this meant he only had to play one game if he won. As such, that was the situation, as he beat Hades swiftly. Group Stage Two was where he ended up next, sat in another Group G. Here he faced up against SpaceMarine, where after a close couple games he lost the tie 2-1. He then faced Multi in the lower tie, which he quickly dispatched in a 2-0 win. Finally, he faced SpaceMarine again and crafted some sweet revenge, taking that tie 2-0. This placed him into Group Stage Three.

Group Stage Three is where Scarlett comes into play, as this is the round where the WCS invites enter. Scarlett was placed into Group C, alongside Serral, TRUE and MaNa. Bly entered Group G, again, where he came up against Elazer, TooDming and DnS.

Scarlett opened up her group with a game against the Korean Zerg TRUE, where the game went to all three maps with Scarlett being the overall victor. This led her to a game against The Finnish Zerg Serral, where the Finn took the match 2-0 over Scarlett. This finished with another game against TRUE, where after another three map spell, Scarlett took a reverse sweep over the Korean to win 2-1, securing her a spot in the top 16

Bly, now on his third and final group stage of the day, had his first match facing the Chinese Zerg TooDming. This was a tight game for the pair of them, where he eventually fell 2-1, sending him to the group's lower bracket. This was a tie against the French Protoss DnS, where Bly took with ease in a 2-0 win. This created another opportunity for revenge, as he faced TooDming once again. This time, it was a much better result as he booked himself a spot in the Round-of-16 with a 2-0 win.

Day Two - Sunday

With our CS:GO team taking a break on the Sunday, the focus entirely lies on the Starcraft 2 WCS Playoff games. The first of ours, is Scarlett facing up against Polish Zerg Elazer. This saw the game set to take place on Odyssey, Sequencer, Abyssal Reef, Blood Boil and Acension to Aiur. Scarlett kicked off the proceedings by taking the first map, before Elazer answered back to take the next. Abyssal Reef was the next map to be won by Scarlett, before the close fourth map was won by Elazer to force the tie to go to all five maps. This was unfortunately where Scarlett's journey ended, losing 3-2. This saw her take a 9-16th place finish, winning 300 WCS points and $2,500

Bly was in the final tie of the day, where he faced up against the Mexican Terran MajOr. After the vetoes, the chosen maps were Ascension to Aiur, Abyssal Reef, Odyssey, Proxima Station and Sequencer. MajOr started the tie by picking up the first game over Bly, but the man on fire wasn't sitting down easy to equal it on the underwater map. The two then swapped the next two maps, as the tie met a 2-2 draw at that point. In the final map of this sequence, Sequencer, a close match came upon them. This, unfortunately, ended up with Bly losing out on the series 3-2, ending the WCS hopes of Team expert. This also saw Bly take a 9-16th finish, with the 300 WCS points and $2,500.

Day Three - Monday

The final day of our journey saw our CS:GO girls start at the semi-final against London Conspiracy. In the best-of-three, the maps Cobblestone, Overpass and Cache were chosen. The first map kicked off rather close, with London Conspiracy just narrowly taking the lead at 7-8. The second half didn't give us any favours unfortunately, as London Conspiracy took the map 7-16. Overpass was next up, which was the map chosen by us. A more dominant half was shown by our girls, as they stormed to half time with a 10-5 lead, including eight straight rounds from us. The second half didn't help us, as the lead we had slowly slipped away. Only two rounds won from us in the second half saw Overpass slip away from our grasp, at 12-16. This saw us lose the tie 0-2, placing us 3/4th. This won the girls 10,000SEK ($1,147).

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