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HGC Finals at Blizzcon are over

Group Stage - First Things First

Team Expert was able to make it out of Group D being the second seed and the first seed was secured by Ballistix. Both teams showed up a very strong performance during the Group Stage though not showing anything special or cheesy. For Super Perfect Team and Soul Torturers the journey was over at this point.

The other groups’ seeds had little upsets. From group A, Tempo Storm and MVP Black qualified for the Blizzcon while from group B Fnatic and Team Freedom went as first and second seed. Surprisingly Tempest was not able to make it out of Groups and besides Team Dignitas the American team Roll 20 got the 2nd seed. The final eight combatants are firm.

Playoffs - Let the Battle Begin

The Playoffs were held on Friday and Saturday at the Anaheim Convention Center at Blizzcon. Team Expert made a major upset when then aced Team Dignitas 2-0 and advanced to the semifinals on Saturday. With some very strong plays they were able to secure both victories though Dignitas did not give them an easy time. The series was intense but there was little chance for Team Dignitas. Team Expert was just too dominant in draft and execution on that day.

At the semifinals on Saturday Team Expert faced MVP Black who won against Team Freedom with a clear 2-0. The Korean team played extremely well and their teamfights were on point. They had map control most of the time and though Team Expert was able to make some comebacks the newly arisen Korean overlords were simply too strong and beat the European team 2-0. Team Expert went to a still very good 3rd/4th place and on Twitter adrd stated that he was surprised how well they were prepared. Maybe Team Expert will come up with some new and even more uncommon tactics in 2018.

In the other bracket Fnatic was able to ace Ballistix in an extremely strong series. The Korean team had little chance after Fnatic recovered from being behind in game 1. The Grand Final was held between two World Champions and it was a very good series. But MVP Black showed why they were, and still are, one of the world’s best teams. Fnatic took the first map with an insane comeback but after this MVP Black showed their strenght and made three wins in a row securing the first place and, rightly, the title being world champion in 2017. GGs to all teams, it was an intense tournament and we are all looking forward to next year’s HGC.

All images by Blizzard Entertainment

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