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racehans wins The Nest #2

12 players qualified for the NEST cup, the second edition of this tournament organized by eSuba in Czech Republic. Previous edition was won by Marek 'Tween' Pacher, three time world champion runner-up. This year, the drivers fought for the €1450 cash prize. Maps are played in a first to five mode with the overall score being taken at the end of the series.


The 12 players fought on a Swiss Round to determine the seedings. Our player Hans 'racehans' Pausch finished 3rd, with a 13:8 win on Habi, a 15:2 win against Shorty and a 10:11 loss against Massa in a really tight best-of-three.

Only the eight best players were qualified for the play-offs.

Quarter finals

First quarter-final was Kappa vs Massa. The least we can say is that Massa was the favorite for the match. But this match was really, really close. First map ended with a 5:4 for Massa and a really close final round. Second map was another close map with the same result. But Kappa managed to come back to a really nice 12:12 overall score. Last round, one single round to take a ticket to the semifinals, and Kappa won that round and thereby 13:12 overall, beating the first seeded player after the group stage.

Cocow and HakkiJr fought in the next quarter final. First map was a 5:2 win taken by HakkiJr. The second map, however, ended with the same result but for Cocow that time. 7:7 score before the third decisive map. With a 4:4 on the final track, those two players had to fight in a final decisive round. The two drivers were shoulder to shoulder until the last couple of turns but in the end, the experience of HakkiJr made him win the match. Hakki 12:11 Cocow.

After two really close quarters, we had to expect something like this: Tween won a really one sided match 10-0 against MnM Habi.

racehans faced Shorty once again in the last quarter final. The match was quite one sided, just like in the group stage. racehans closed up the first map on a 5:0 and after a 9 round streak, took the win with a 10:1 score.

Semi finals

In the first semi final, HakkiJr and Kappa squared off against each other. Kappa put a lot of pressure in the start of the match by sweeping his opponent on the first track. HakkiJr answered really well on the second map by winning 5:1. On the third map, Kappa brought himself in a really great position with 4 match points. First round was won by HakkiJr. The second round was really close, both players ending on the same time, but the point was given to HakkiJr. With two rounds left, Kappa finally ended the match and became the first finalist while HakkiJr is going to play for the 3rd place.

So it was time for our racehans to join him in said final but he had to go through Tween. The defending champion took the first round, but Hans took the advantage by winning 3 rounds in a row. In the end, racehans ended the first map 5:3. On the second track, Tween knew how to keep racehans in check and went for a 5:3 himself, tying the series before the final map. After being a tight game all around until a score of 11:11, racehans was able to cope with the pressure better and take home the two final rounds, sending himself through into the final.

3rd place match

Two eSuba players, two really good friends, the 2011 World Champion against the 2011 runner up and defending champion of The Nest. It was a close match all around with HakkiJr winning map 1 with 5:4 just before Tween was able to win the second map with a 5:4 himself. On track number three, HakkiJr took the first round but then Tween really took a huge advantage closing up the map 5-1, and taking a 4 points lead into the remainder of the match. We had a close fourth map afterwards with both players going back and forth until Tween won the last round, thereby the map with a score of 5:4 and also the match with a total score of 19:14.


On map number one, racehans had a shaky performance with mistakes that are not usual for him but after a 2:2 score, he managed to pull through and go out of the first map with a 5:3.

The second map gave us a similar display with the same result. A few mistakes as well as a good performance by Kappa led to a 5:3 which had the game at a 10:6 overall score.

On the third track, however, the tables started to turn with Hans making a crucial mistake after six rounds and a tied map. Kappa immediately knew how to capitalise and ensured that the game went on a fourth track.

racehans was able to win the first round, though, as he has been able to on every map in the final - although it was very close this time. Only 0.07 seconds seperated the two drivers. From that point onwards, Kappa couldn't recover and although he won two more rounds in course of time, he cracked under the pressure and our very own racehans secured the win, the trophy and the €750 prize money - and thereby the first title for our new organisation.

Congratulations, Hans!