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Stadium Team Championship #12: preview

Here we go again for the 12th edition of the Stadium Team Championship, a team tournament hosted by ET and probably one of the main team tournaments in TrackMania right now.

Our players had a wonderful tournament last year finishing second, losing in the Grand Final against Team Planetkey Dynamics. The tournament is played in a best-of-three five versus five with up to seven points per map.

 These are the groups for the first phase of the tournament:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6  Group 7
expert insects Team dignitas Easy.eSports Planetkey Dynamics mCon-esports very short players
Hawks TrackMania Heroes Europe eXeS eSport Lioncast orKs eSports Speed.GaminG against All authority
Hardcore Power Drives Mec A New Era Speedo Team TetraHydroCannabinol MnM Gaming Spam Team 1
Spam Team #2 Maniac Gaming Crazy Demo Drivers Team Foenix Team Q2 TrackMania Heroes Europe 2 MaDrivers
SmartLine Team Q Bring Beer Darling A New Era Community Team Players For Fun Bring Beer Darling 2 Overwhelming
CanyonKings hoover gaming Delta 2 Delta MnM Gaming 2   dac-SP


Team Dignitas has a huge chance to win this year. With old players coming back for the tournament such as Tala, Sabre (who finished third at ESWC 2014) or one of the greatest players of all time, Karjen, combined with the strong lineup they already had with the likes of CarlJr, Spam and Bergie, they will be huge.

Team expert may create the surprise. Taking back the title they claimed by winning the 10th edition of the tournament back in the old days. The Stadium Team Championship #12 will be the first team tournament for Team expert's new TrackMania line up. They have really good chances to come quite far but will they be able to win the title against Dignitas?

French Team against All authority will receive help from the German driver Massa for the Stadium Team Championships. A really great team with a great spirit may also take the win in this cup. The addition of Massa in a really strong group may lead them to the first win in the STC for Team aAa. 

Last but not least, the defending champion Team PkD also has a good chance to end up in the semi-finals - and maybe, they can even keep the title for a second year if they all compete at their best level. 

As for the other participants, there should be no one that can break through into the realm of the abovementioned four teams. But you never know, maybe someone can use the element of surprise.

We will follow the Stadium Team Championship #12 on our website!

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