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PokeR: "I hope we can strike back as soon as possible"

To begin 2017, we sat down with one of our friends, a well known driver and online beast: Michael 'PokeR' Neuhold.

The 21-year-old Austrian driver is now playing for PlanetKey Dynamics, a team evolving in the top four teams currently in TrackMania. They recently lost in the semi-finals of the Stadium Team Championship 12 against one of our line-ups, expert.Orange. Before playing for PkD, PokeR has been playing in Team Acer for a few years.

  • Hey Pokidoki, welcome on the Team expert website. May you introduce yourself?

Hello Gaby, thanks for the opportunity to talk to you again after our time together in Acer! My name is Michael 'PokeR' Neuhold, I am 21 years young and I play TrackMania since October 2008.. so yeah, that’s few days ago already. (laughs)

  • You are the best player in the True Talent Cup with 7 titles, what is your secret?

I am not sure if I am still the player with the most victories in TTC (editor's note: he still is!), because I only played like 1 or 2 TTC's in course of the last year. In tech-editions I might still be on the top, but overall it’s for sure JaviFlyer who is a beast in kinda every environment.

What's my secret? Well, I don't really have a secret, but it's for sure worth to not risk in the early beginning. So just play safe, learn the track without big crashes and pray to Nadeo you don't fly off the track. After a while, when it's getting tighter, you have to find your speed and consistency. You need some luck for sure as well to end a True Talent Cup at the top. Shout out to the crew from TMM (TrackManiaMasters) for organizing all these fun tournaments!

  • You are one of the best player of the world online but you never played an offline tournament, even if you have some support of an organization. Why this choice?

That's a question which I received pretty often the last years. It has nothing to do with no interest in offline tournaments, it's more of a private reason that I don't want to explain here. Thanks for your understanding. :)

  • Talking about your team PkD, who got defeated by Orange in the last STC, how would you describe your team performance lately and what is missing in PkD to reach the top?

That loss was pretty painful. We definitely didn't play well during this match. I don't know, we didn’t underestimate expert.Orange for sure, we knew it will be a tough game, but we couldn’t convert our motivation into a great driving, for whatever reason. In the end it was of course a deserved victory for Orange, who were just better than us on this day.

We know we can keep up with the top in this game, but that needs to be our goal with our team and the players we got. I hope we can strike back as soon as possible.

  • PkD recently announced an "Academy team", may you explain a bit more what this line up will actually do and what PkD wants to achieve with it?

The plan with our "academy team" is to create a mixture line-up with young talented drivers and some players of our main team who are too busy and can only train from time to time. Another important point is that the players with not so much experience yet can gather these experiences and with good results they can make the step to the main team. The official statement about the idea of this team can be found here.

  • Thank you so much for being here with us, I let you conclude.

Thanks for the interview, Gaby – as mentioned earlier, it was nice to talk to you again. If anyone got some more questions, feel free to write me on Facebook.

Lastly, thanks to our team organization Planetkey Dynamics and their sponsors – such as, MMOGA, World Gaming and Tt eSports Germany – to support us in an awesome way!

And one last thing: Happy New Year to everyone!

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