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Spam: "We have to inspire newer players to become better and better"

We were able to sit down with Tim 'Spam' Lunenburg - our very own driver, entertainer and former World Champion. 

  •  Hey Tim, welcome here on the Team expert website. May you kindly introduce yourself?

Thank you Gaby for inviting me for this little interview! My name is Tim Lunenburg mostly known as 'Spam' in the Trackmania/Gaming world. I am 22 years old and born and raised in The Netherlands. I have been playing Trackmania since 2008 and kind of went 'Pro' in 2011 where I played my first ESWC and ended up placing 4th! Quickly, I progressed during LAN events and have participated at the highest level ever since.

  • You are currently the only full pro player, playing the game competitively as well as doing entertainment. How do you manage your time?

After I completed my IT studies, I decided to take a step back and enjoy myself for some time. Already live streaming during my free time before I took the next step and try to make it 'full time'. I think balancing everything is extremely important. When streaming I mainly train for competitions and I can entertain people during these periods. Making other people laugh and enjoy themselves is a huge motivational boost when it comes to this kind of profession. I manage my time pretty well, waking up early in the morning to get my other hobby (fitness) out of the way is a great way to start the day. Getting to everything I need to do before I start live streaming or practice is a good way for me to relax.

  • As a solo player, you played in the last ManiaPlanet World Cup where you finished 9th, can you quickly tell us about your experience there?

So where should I begin? When ManiaPlanet announced that it would have a Trackmania competition, I got pretty hyped up. Not having participated in an offline event for over a year I decided to qualify for this one. I actually won the first online qualifier and was really motivated to perform well during the offline finals. My practice for the cup was not optimal, I still did quite a bit of streaming and practicing which is not ideal. However, I still managed to get a good amount of hours in and was ready for the finals. The finals, however, did not go as planned and I was not able to get in my groove. My performance was slacking and reaching 9th was actually surprising for me (laughs).

  • You are attending a lot of TTCs, what are you enjoying about this format?

The good old True Talent Cups. When the format got introduced I was really stoked about it. Finally something new got introduced to the game and got a lot of potential! My first TTC was edition #8 and I won my first TTC on edition #10. The knockout phase is just a hilarious concept and it works so well. Playing this cup with friends on TeamSpeak makes it even more fun.

  • You are also a cup host with your famous weekly race, do you enjoy doing that?

We all know frostBeule, I used to participate in his weekly races back in the day and I found that the format was just perfect for people to enjoy 45 to 50 minutes of competition. He decided to step down from the game and something was missing for me on Saturdays. I decided to take action into my own hands and copy the format and host it again. The enjoyment I get from seeing pro players and beginners drive these races is great. Players from all over the world are participating, from Australia to America, there is room for everyone. I think the biggest problem that this game has is engagement with the community and its players, by hosting these type of events and live streaming them people feel involved.

  • As a team, Black showed a really nice performance by winning the STC defeating Orange in the Grand Final, what are you looking forward to with Black?

As the core team has stayed together for many years now, we have won every team tournament that is out there to win. Staying as the number one team in this game is our main objective. So far we have been holding strong against not only Orange but also other teams. When it comes down to competitions we always want to be the best but maybe another aspect or aim that we have is to inspire newer players to become better and better with practice. It is not like we woke up one day and became this good, it was years of practice.

  • Thanks for being here, I let you conclude.

To end of this interview I would like to thank first and foremost Team expert for picking us up when our team had rough times, without this great organisation we would not have been able to continue on. I want to give a shoutout to every fan/supporter that has been following my journey throughout this game, let it be just viewing my livestreams or YouTube videos. If you are interested in following me make sure to check out my Social Media: Twitch - Facebook - YouTube - Twitter

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