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12 players qualified for the NEST cup, the second edition of this tournament organized by eSuba in Czech Republic. Previous edition was won by Marek 'Tween' Pacher, three time world champion runner-up. This year, the drivers fought for the €1450 cash prize. Maps are played in a first to five mode with the overall score being taken at the end of the series.

After scouting for competitive Counter Strike at this year's gamescom, we have the Meisterschaft to provide us with glorious action. The finals took place on the Saturday on the Beta Stage at the ESL Arena here in Cologne.

There are many interesting and exciting things happening here at gamescom, but in the interest of quick content I've encapsulated the experience into three of the most interesting places I could find.

While Scarlett qualified for WCS Copa Intercontinental and played from different places at very late times in EU, unfortunately the run at the Bonjwa Cup for our other Zerg player Bly wasn't crowned with the biggest success.

Scarlett and Bly have been in action in the qualifiers for the WCS Copa Intercontinental this week, an international tournament that awards 1,000 WCS points and $18,000 to the winner. Neither player can make it to the WCS Global Playoffs at the end of the year, but cash money is still cash money. Here's how they fared in the qualifiers!