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Riolu is well known in the TrackMania community. The 21 years old streamer and player has been on TrackMania for almost a decade now. Burim won two TrackMania tournaments during Gamers Assembly 2015 (Valley and Canyon). He also went to the semi finals of the ZeratoR Cup #4 last year.

Burim plays on every single environnement of TrackMania and reach high performances in all versions of the game. As an example, Riolu took the First World Rank in the ladder on TrackMania 2 Stadium, TrackMania 2 Canyon and TrackMania 2 Valley. On the last version of the game (TrackMania Turbo), he was the very first player to obtain all super TrackMaster medals.

Burim Fejza

expert | riolu  // 21 // Germany


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