Since August, every main tournament, online and offline have been won by Team expert or one of our players. Let's have a look back in the past and talk about those 5 months of Team expert in TrackMania.

The start of something new

Few days after the team was announced, it was a TrackMania player that gave our organisation its very first title. Hans 'racehans' Pausch won the NEST Cup 2, a tournament which took place in Czech Republic. If we have to be totally honest, pretty much no one expected racehans to do this good. He had to fight against a former world champion, a 3-time World Cup medalist; racehans faced Kappa in the grand final. The cup format was quite unusual but racehans made it and paved the way for expert players winning titles! We hereby also want to congratulate and thank eSuba for this cup. It really has a great atmosphere which you could compare to the HomeStory Cup in StarCraft II.

Orange welcomes Black

We also have to revisit one day and what a day. The day when the two best line ups of the world are united in one organization. This is something no one saw coming. 10 years of rivality, now they share a home. As we now have some time and we can step back a bit, let's try to revisit one of the most incredible weeks in TrackMania history. The Stadium Team Championship was being played for a few weeks already and Team Dignitas decided to let go their TrackMania line up, which was part of Dignitas since 2006. Few days after we learned that Dignitas has been bought by the 76ers and TrackMania was no longer part of the business plan of the new owners. The line up, called "Los Amigos", decided to stay united and to wait until the end of the CPS to take a final decision. But Team expert made the call to take two line ups, for the very first time in the professional scene. expert.Black is now fully integrated in Team expert and the two best line-ups of the world are now playing under the same flag.

The rivalry continues in the Stadium Team Championship

Same flag maybe but they were still two different line-ups. In one of the main tournaments, the Stadium Team Championship 12, the two line-ups have gone through a really nice tournament and both made their way to the Grand Final, after defeating aAa and PkD respectively to make the final an expert vs. expert battle. This has been the great match we all hoped for, a match full of skill, respect and friendliness. At the end, expert.Black managed to bring the first team title to Team expert winning 2-1 in the best of three.

We painted Paris Black and Orange

In between the matches of the Stadium Team Championship, in the beginning of November, the ManiaPlanet World Cup took place in Paris. There is a lot we can say about this cup. Let's not forget one thing, this was the very first tournament hosted by Nadeo-Ubisoft. Furthermore, the Grand Final was held in the "Palais d'Iéna", a national constitutional assembly. And yes, it definitely was an expert cup. From the 16 qualified players, 7 were from us. Botond 'Royal' Ördög finshed top 13, Tim 'Spam' Lunenburg and Henri 'Insane' Kyynäräinen finished in the top 9, the last Orange player Koen 'Koenz' Schobbers finished top 7, Fredrik 'Bergie' Bergmann made it into the top 5 and barely failed to enter the Grand Final. This Grand Final has seen Thomas 'Pac' Cole taking home the World Championship and Carl-Antoni 'CarlJr' Cloutier finished second, taking his 4th medal in the World Championships after winning three titles.


For sure there are a lot of little things we can also talk about. Like the great success of the SpmWeekly races, hosted by our very own Spam, the arrival of Massa, the German player who won Gamers Assembly finished fourth at the World Cup in Paris and so many little things.

All in all, our year in TrackMania was very successful, and we will work hard to do the same in 2017. On behalf of the whole TrackMania drivers, we wish you a wonderful year!

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