Images of day 1 from the IEM world championship.

IEM Kattowice-Day-1-13-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-11-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-27-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-4-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-21-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-23-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-19-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-15-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-16-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-17-von-30
IEM Kattowice-Day-1-5-von-30

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