With the Stadium Team Championship of this year coming to an end on Sunday, we were able to talk to both team captains before the great showdown.

How has been the STC 12 for your line up so far? 

Jonas 'JohN' Kemmer: Really, really well to say the least, having lost only two out of 23 maps we’ve played so far! One was a complete mess after we’ve already won the match while the other one went into a sudden death against mCon, who have been very strong opponents. I’m especially proud of my boys looking back at the semi-final where we’ve beaten the defending champion PkD in a quite impressive fashion, winning with a quick 2-0.

Fredrik 'Bergie' Bergmann: It's been going great so far since we are in the grand final. We always expect to reach the last stage of the tournament, however we were a bit surprised we won against eK and aAa when they were considerably more prepared than us.

Can you already tell us something about your line ups on Sunday?

Bergie: Everyone besides CarlJr, KarjeN and Tala will play.

JohN: I can’t answer this question as of yet. As it is a grand final I hope to see everyone motivated and at the top of their game to get a spot in the line up. I expect everyone to play though to be honest!

In your opponent line up, who is the strongest player in your opinion?

JohN: Looking back at the last year I definitely have to go with either Pac or JaviFlyer! Both showed outstanding performances on- and offline while Pac just has been crowned the new World Champion. If I had to decide, I would go with Pac for this one.

Bergie: I will base this on what I have seen from them in online matches the last year: Serbi.

Did you expect to have a Black vs Orange Grand Final?

Bergie: We knew there was a chance of this final happening, but to be honest we expected PkD to beat Orange in the semi-final. Gladly they didn't though, after a great team performance by Orange!

JohN: In the end I did, to be honest. As soon as the playoff tree got released, it was quite obvious that both of our line ups will probably make it to the semis which happened as expected. Everything could’ve happened in the semi finals as all four competing teams were facing more or less huge line up issues. But both of us managed to survive and yeah, here we are!

Who will win it?

JohN: There’s no question that we in Team Orange will take this title home! Look at who rejected the old Dignitas TrackMania line up - the 76ers. Have you had a look at the NBA standings lately? Coincidence? I don’t think so. (laughs)

Bergie: I think we will take it 2-0. First map will be very close, second I think will be a clearer win. I just want to make sure both teams respect each other and at the end of the day both teams can win, however I feel confident we'll take home the title as we are training hard and have the history on our side as well.

Do you have a message for the other line up?

Bergie: GL HF fellow experts, sadly this sunday will be painted BLACK. (laughs)

JohN: We will steal the Stadium Team Championship title before coming for your Pepsi Max, amigos, better watch out! GLHF! <3


The final takes place Sunday, November 20th, at around 20:00 CET. Make sure to keep an eye on our Social Media channels as we keep track of the action right there.

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