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Team expert dominates ManiaPlanet World Cup qualifiers

After last week's two first qualifications sessions, we are now able to name the 16 players who will try to get the trophy home. 

This weekend, two qualifiers for the ManiaPlanet World Cup in TrackMania were hosted by the Drakonia team. Each qualifier offered 4 spots for the tournament that will start in the LDLC eSport Center in Paris. For the last day of action, the remaining finalists will move to the Ubisoft HQ which is also located in Paris for the 30th anniversary of Ubisoft. The whole event will take place from November 5th to November 7th. As a reminder, the first eight qualified players can be found in this article

Saturday was another good day for both our squads because both Botond 'Royal' Ördög from Orange and Thomas 'Paco' Cole from Black made the final and thereby secured the qualification for the main event in Paris. Additionally, Cocow and Kappa made it to the final together with our boys to also secure a spot in the final 16.

On Sunday, the very last qualifier took place and this qualifier was more open than the previous ones. While Kronos, a French player, was a huge favorite, no one could have guessed who would qualify else. Former 2011's World Champion HakkiJunior was playing for the first time in those qualifiers but he went out of the tournament immediately. No surprise, Kronos took the first place of this qualifier just in front of oNio, the ESWC 2012 runner up on TrackMania 2: Canyon. Finally, it were both MiQuatro and DanikB who secured the last spots in the offline finals.

Here is a complete list with every qualificant:

  • Carl-Antoni 'CarlJr' Cloutier
  • Tim 'Spam' Lunenburg
  • Massa
  • Renew
  • Fredrik 'Bergie' Bergmann
  • tween
  • Koen 'Koenz' Schobbers
  • Henri 'Insane' Kyynäräinen
  • Cocow
  • Botond 'Royal' Ördög
  • Thomas 'Paco' Cole
  • Kappa
  • Kronos
  • oNio
  • MiQuatro
  • DanikB

Overall 15 Europeans players and one North American will be in Paris in about a month to try to get this title. The most represented country is Germany with three players, namely Massa, Renew and oNio. France, Czech Republic, Finland and the Netherlands are represented by two players and only one players will represent Romania, the UK, Norway, Slovakia and Canada! In term of teams and organisations, our very own Team expert will be the most present with seven players (five from Black, two from Orange) while PkD, the second most represented team will have four players. 

A complete preview will be following in the next couple of weeks on our website so stay tuned!



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