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Team expert signs Heroes of the Storm squad

The new year starts with new players in a new game for our organisation - time to welcome the newest signings!

We're extremely happy to announce the signing of the roster formerly known as "Two Bees Determined".

The team has been playing together for a while now and has most recently hit the news because of their qualification for the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship in Europe. They went through the first qualifier without really having problems against the teams of Diamond Skin and BeGenius ESC which has yielded them a spot in Phase 1 of the new European Pro League.

From now on, they will represent us and our colors in everything Heroes of the Storm related and we're all very excited to get into the new season.

Here is a breakdown of our line-up:

  • Kevin 'Keltion' Wolske (team manager)
  • Sebastian 'bLaDe' Petraschke (team captain)
  • Adrian 'adrd' Wojcik
  • Benjamin 'BadBenny' Eekenulv
  • Niklas 'Cursen' Skogheim
  • Dominic 'Nic' Asal

Here is a statement from the team manager, Kevin 'Keltion' Wolske:

"We're all delighted to be a part of Team expert. It is a great feeling to know that all the hard work we've put into qualifying for the HGC has rewarded us with not only the participation in the Pro League but also the opportunity to play for such a great organisation. Everything has worked out really well until now and we're excited to get this season started."

And this is what our CEO, Uwe 'webmuGGle' Semtner, had to say about all of this:

"I am always extremely happy when our newly built organisation is able to go deeper into unchartered territories. Now looking at our newest acquisition in Heroes of the Storm, this excitement I feel is even bigger than usually because from what I can sense from these players, we can go really far in competitions in the future. The start of the season can't come too soon for us as we are ready to see how far we can go collectively."

We also have more pieces of information on the HGC, presented in the following video created by Blizzard themselves.


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