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ByuN wins 2017 OSC Championship

Being seeded #1 in the tournament, ByuN's run started fairly late but its impressiveness more than made up for that fact!

After he ran through Snute and Kelazhur, he found himself in the Grand Final in which he had to face fellow Korean Terran KeeN who really gave our World Champion a run for his money. Coming from the loser bracket, KeeN had to win one best-of-five before being able to go into a final best-of-three to determine the winner of the tournament - and that's what he did.

He clean swept ByuN in the first series, who obviously seemed tired after such a long StarCraft II day. But in the following best-of-three, ByuN was able to turn things around and beat KeeN with a score of 2:1 to add yet another trophy to his cabinet. He has also taken home $2,000.

Scarlett, after beating Solar, had to give in to TRUE. In the loser bracket, she was able to beat iaguz, Losira, Cham and PiG before finally being bested by Snute. Her performance has netted her $350.

As far as Bly goes, he has found his way out of the tournament quite early with him getting beat by Nerchio. He takes home $100.

Both Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn and Aleksandr 'Bly' Svysiuk as well as our BlizzCon Champion Byeon Hyeon 'ByuN' Woo will join the competition on Friday, January 6th at around 23:00 GMT with the start of the play-off bracket.

Because Scarlett and Bly are seeded #22 and #23, they get to feature in the bracket stage already, albeit it being the loser's bracket. While those two have to work themselves up through a series of best-of-fives, ByuN, however, is already at the top of the winner's bracket being seeded #1 with the most points throughout 2016.

All the details can be found here. Follow us on Twitter to get all the updates as soon as the action starts.

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