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ZeratoR Cup 2017 Grand Final

Here we go again for probably the most important TrackMania event in 2017 !

The famous French Twitch- Streamer ZeratoR is organizing and hosting a new edition of his legendary TrackMania Cup. Tonight at 18:00 CEST, the Grand Final of the ZeratoR Cup #5 will open it´s doors in Lyon, France.

This year a 2017 Eur overall cash prize will be split between the 3 men on the podium including a 1337 Eur reward for the gold medalist. More than 1600 players registered for this cup, but only 8 made it to the Grand Final, which will be played in the Palais des Congrès of Lyon.

The winner and champion of ZrT cup 4, JaviFlyer, did not participate to this cup as he stopped TrackMania to focus in his personal life. However, 2 times winner of the cup and team expert driver, CarlJr, will be in Lyon to try to fight for his 3rd gold medal in the history of ZrT Cup. 4 French players made it to the offline finals, including our former player Bren, Team Fox and Team eXeS player Papou, Dirt player BossWanted as well as Aurel. On the international side, current World Champion and team expert driver Paco qualified himself to the offline stage as well as CarlJr. Kappa, a player who won the last two major offline events (Gamers Assembly and Gaming WinterFest) and Revolution are completing the line up. Those 8 players will fight on the stage in front of a around 2000 spectators, since all tickes have been sold within an hour.

All tracks which will be used during the finals has been made by ZeratoR himself. His "creative sessions" have been streamed live and created a really big hype around TrackMania lately in the French esports community. 

trackmania cup 2017 finalistes

ZeratoR Cup 2017 Grand Final ive on Twitch ZeratoR's channel.


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