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This time we will get the ticket!

Week#5 at HGC Europe and our boys will fight for their great chance to enter the Western Clash. Let´s got the #RoadToKiev!

Eye for an Eye

HGC Europe has never been that close in terms of competing teams for the HGC Western Clash participation. Besides Team Fnatic, the winner of the Mid Season Brawl, every other team was very close to each other during the first half of the second phase. Everything was possible, every team had the chance to advance to the upper rankings and secure one of the three spots for Europe at the Western Clash.

The Fog Clears

Now there’s only one weekend left. One weekend of “to go or not to go” for four teams. It’s pretty intense, for every single of them. For our guys from Team Expert the situation is pretty clear. If they win against Team Liquid, they will go to Kiew and participate at the Western Clash. Same goes for Tricked eSport. Should they beat Team Dignitas, they will qualify for the Western Clash, too. Team Dignitas will advance if they and our Team of experts (as Khaldor calls the team) win. In case Team Dignitas and Team Liquid win their games, there will be a tiebreaker. Then the following stats will be compared: map ratio > head to head > matches won 3-0s > matches won 3-1 > tiebreaker match.

One Series to Face Them All

With Team Liquid currently having some big struggles in their games our Team Expert has a pretty decent chance to qualify for the Western Clash. Especially because they already won against them before. Fnatic will be a tough opponent to face in Kiew, but so will be any other team qualifying for the Clash. Assuming that Team Expert will win their series on Friday because they’ve shown a strong Phase II, it is highly likely that Team Dignitas will also qualify, though they had some struggles on their own. Friday will be a very intense match day for each of those four teams. Will Team Liquid gather their former strength and finally advance to their next offline event? Or will Team Expert rush into the top three of Europe after being so close for so long time? Anyways, you can expect some extremely intense matches so make sure to tune in.

So let´s cheer for our boys. A clear win vs Team Liquid will save us the ticket to Kiev. Don´t miss the match, July 21st, 20.00 CEST!


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