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Go for the medal: Day 2 Update!

Team Expert at the Western Clash Kiev: Get the Day 2 Update !!!

Day II at the Western Clash in Kiev

The Remaining Four

Yesterday`s matches were very intense. First Fnatic overrun Team Liquid with a solid 3-0 and threw them into the lower bracket. Team Expert won 3-1 against Gale Force eSports who were no easy opponent, but had to wave the white flag in the end anyways. The last two series were less one-sided and extremely intense. Both series went into a 3-2. Team Liquid had no easy play against Team Freedom who played out of their minds. Similar to Tempo Storm who were not willing to give up their spot that easily. But in the end GFE was able to succeed over their North American brothers and secure their spot in the top four.

Judgement Day

Today will be the Grand Final where the Western Champion will be crowned. Three European teams and one North American team are left, competing for the throne. Fnatic is the unchallenged favorite without having lost a single map yet. Spot two and three are pretty close to each other and it could go either ways. If Team Liquid has a good day and they can build up their momentum, or take the momentum from their last win today, they can be a very dangerous opponent. As the last from NA Gale Force eSports is also still in the race. Having taken one map from Team Expert they’ve also already shown that they can potentially beat a European team. They will encounter Team Liquid and if they can perform properly as already mentioned above, GFE will have a harsh time. Whoever wins this series will face the loser from Fnatic versus Team Expert before advancing to the Grand Final. All matches will be BO5 and the Grand Final will be a BO7, where the winner from the Winners’ Finals starts with a 1-0 lead.
No team will be going easy on their opponents and we can expect some really exciting matches.

VOD from Day 2:


Day I at the Western Clash in Kiev: First Encounters (August 5th)

The opening series was between Fnatic and RED Canids and ended up in a pretty straight forward 2-0 for the winners of the Mid-Season Brawl. The next matchup was a bit more intense in terms of equality of strength, if such thing exists. Team Liquid finally showed what they are capable of and won their series against the North American team Tempo Storm with a 2-0 score. Team Liquid was struggling every now and then lately but seem to manage a consistent performance again. The third matchup was Team Expert versus Team Freedom, another NA versus EU series. Team Expert also made pretty much clear that they want to win and aim for the (Grand) Finals. They take their series 2-0, like the successors before. The last Group Stage was between Nomia and Gale Force eSports. The North American team won against the minor region 2-0 and advanced in the bracket.

Two Teams Dropped, Six Teams Left

We also saw the first two series of the Losers’ Bracket. First Tempo Storm was able to secure their proceeding in the Losers’ Bracket with winning against the Latin American team RED Canids. After that series, which was also a 2-0 like every encounter before, Nomia was able to secure one map against the North Americans of Team Freedom, but still was not able to beat the major region which took the 2-1 win. Therefore the two minor regions dropped from the tournament and leave only three NA and three EU teams in the bracket.

That is the sound of inevitability

All three NA teams were able to stay in the tournament. But it is highly likely that most of them will drop. Comparing the performance and strength all the teams showed up on the first day, the European teams are in a much better shape. At least for now! There’s always the possibility of a cheese, or a hidden strategy. So nothing’s decided yet. The first match for tomorrow will be Team Liquid facing Fnatic, which will be an intense fight and putting one EU team into the Loosers’ Bracket. The second matchup will be the experts from Team Expert against Gale Force eSports. Team Expert has very good chances to hit a top three spot, even top two is possible depending on the daily performance of Team Liquid. Fnatic though still seems to be invincible, sitting on their throne.

Step it up

After the Groups have been played in a BO2 (Best-Of 2), tomorrow’s games will be BO5 (Best-Of 5) games, promising some even more intense serieses between the remaining teams. Let’s see what the EU versus NA encounters will be like, and if the memes are true.

VOD from Day 1:



Event Preview, released August 3rd

Finally Top Three

After two very exciting phases with ups, downs, surprises and cheese Team Expert finally reached their goal; they breached through the invisible wall between Top Four and Top Three. It is Team Dignitas who won’t attend the offline event which was kind of an upset. Team Dignitas was present in any HGC event so far, excelling offline was their specialty. We are all excited that our Team has finally claimed the upper region to show some serious skills.

Three Musketeers for Europe

The first European team which qualified was Fnatic. No one doubted their qualification after having won the Mid Season Brawl and going for a straight 6-0 during Phase II. They lost only their last match against Playing Ducks. So another two free spots for Europe. It was a pretty close series which came to an end on the penultimate matchday. Four teams, each team with the chance of qualifying for the Western Clash. It was one of the most exciting matchdays ever, everything was possible. And in the end, Team Liquid and Team Expert qualified for the Western Clash in Kiev.

Who Reigns Over the West

Europe will be competing with North America, Latin America and ANZ (Australia & New Zealand). There will be three teams from North America which is a major region. The minor regions will be present with one team each. Eight teams, but only one can reign over the West (at least for some time). Team Expert has some decent chances of reaching the Grand Finals. Considering that Europe usually is the strongest region in the West and Team Liquid having had some serious struggles they may go up against Fnatic, as some may predict. But we all know that Heroes is a game of surprises, upsets, cheese and things no one predicted. So let’s see if the newcomer at the Top Three can show their skills and secure their spot in the upper part of the European teams.

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