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Mo_Aubameyang wins ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2017!

On Saturday, August 26th Mohammed "Mo_Aubameyang" Harkous won the ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2017 at the Gamescom in Cologne.

After some complications with the gaming setup, Mo_Aubameyang faced Kai "deto" Wollin on stage in the final of the ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2017 in a best-of-5 match. This matchup has already been familiar to the finalists, since they played against each other one week before this game in the world championship where deto was able to take down Mo. And now Mo is looking for a revenge.

Game 1

The first match between the finalists already made the matchup very interesting and raisened the heartbeat. Mo and deto were 2:2 when they went into the overtime, but noone was able to decide game 1 for themselves in it, so it was time for the penalty shootout: both players scored the first 2 shots and defended the last 3 for a couple of rounds, but Mo was able to win the penalty shootout in round 4.

Mo 1:0 deto!

Game 2

Mo was showing that he isn't fooling anyone and quickly decided game two for himself with a score of 3:1.

Mo 2:0 deto!

Game 3

Three minutes into the game and Mo receives a red card: Ramos needs to leave the football field. After this event deto quickly pushed in 2 goals, but Mo evens up before the break. Deto then quickly pushed in another goal but Mo evens up again. 90th minute: deto scores the 4th goal and Mo again evens up just in time. In the overtime then Mo really had enough and was able to score 2 more goals and finished game three with a final score of 6:4.

Mo 3:0 deto!

This makes Mo the Winner of the ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2017 which is his third win in the ESL Meisterschaft of his gaming career - Congratulations!





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