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Team Expert Approaches 2nd Part of HGC Europe Phase II

Straight after the Western Clash in Kiev the team was already preparing for two things.

At first the 2nd part of phase II started this weekend and they will face Team Good Guys at 8pm CEST, today! Each game counts, each map is important. Because all sums up for the qualification to the Blizzcon. But they were also attending the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. On Wednesday they had a showmatch against Team Liquid where they played the new hero, Kel’Thuzad, who will enter the Nexus in a couple of days. So not much of free time for the pro-players! Though it was an honor being one of the first people playing with the new hero, preparing for the HGC matches had utmost priority so they were travelling home straight after the match so they were able to continue practicing and scrimming other teams.

Todays Match

Team Expert will face Team Good Guys today and every match is important for the qualification to the Blizzcon. Two teams will automatically qualify, those are the 1st and the 2nd place. The 3rd participant will be chosen in the Crucible. The 6th will play against the 5th, the winner will play against the 4th and so on. So placing 3rd still is no secured ticket to the Blizzcon. But with the current standings, Europe is very tight contested where anything can happen, and every misstep will be punished hard. The top 4 are pretty much clear, pretty, because anything can happen. Team Dignitas fought a very close match against Fnatic yesterday, and an evenly close match against Playing Ducks. The lower placed teams are not out of the competition so teams better are on guard!

Road to Blizzcon

Team Expert has to beat as much teams as possible while losing as few as possible maps to keep up a good ratio. They have good chances for a good start into the 2nd phase, let’s see how they keep up their performance against the favorites. Well, the other favorites because Team Expert became a favorite long ago, at least since they went 2nd place in Kiev showing Team Liquid and Team Dignitas their limitations. Now it’s all about keeping up the momentum, the good performance and check if the opposing teams have recovered, reunited or developed new strategies and how they plan to secure their qualification for the final chapter of this years HGC, the Blizzcon in California.

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