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Team expert Signs a PUBG Roster

Team expert has expanded to another branch of eSports, and this time, it's PUBG! 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been a hot topic for debate in eSports as of late. The idea that a 100 player free-for-all battle royale style game could not only attract such a massive audience, but also appeal to professional players is astounding. Teams across the world have been signing new and upcoming eSports enthusiasts to play this game under their name, and us at expert have decided to do the same. Let’s get you all acquainted with the new team!

  • Olivia "OliPocket" Schmidt
  • Benjamin "Hornisse86" Stadtmüller
  • Sebastian "Stoke" Stein
  • Christian "itzz_chrizz" Blank

These four players all play under the German flag, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them on board. Hornisse86 and itzz_chrizz already have a foot in the competitive scene, as they both placed first in the #baal PUBG tournament. Aside from that, these players have little experience in the field of eSports, and since PUBG is a newcomer to the eSports world, we hope to be able to learn from each other as we progress as a team. OliPocket will be functioning as our team captain, and here is her statement about the future of these players working with expert:

“The whole team is very excited about the future. We definitely want to perfect our gameplay as a team and we think that PUBG (long-term) is a game that enriches the ESL as long as some things get fixed and people are open-minded enough. We're looking forward on a great journey concerning expert and PUBG.”

We’re always excited to be working with new teams, expanding team expert, and meeting incredibly talented people. We have high hopes for these new players, so be sure to keep an eye out for their participation over the next few weeks!

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