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HGC: The final countdown!

The Final Weekend: Team Expert’s Last Chance for the ultimate Goal: Blizzcon 2017.

Like every year over the past years, in early November the Blizzcon will be held in Anaheim. This is Blizzard’s very own event to celebrate their community, the games, the whole “Blizzard family” you could say. And besides tons of announcements across all franchises, interesting contests and lots of fun there will be the final of this year’s HGC. Like in Jönköping in Sweden the best teams from all over the world will gather in the huge halls of the Blizzcon, competing for the championship title. It is the last tournament of the year and also the big finale of an incredibly awesome series of Heroes of the Storm esports events surrounded of many weekends full of action packed Heroes esports.

The road to the Blizzcon

The whole year, every weekend the HGC teams were competing each other in some thrilling series. The best teams were travelling to the different offline events which concluded the Parts and Phases. First stop was Katowice in Poland in early March. Team Expert was still working on their performance and team coordination and unfortunately missed the qualification. The second stop was Jönköoing in Sweden, where the esport athletes were competing at the Dreamhack. Once again Team Expert missed the qualification, but they were closing in on their goal and showed up some unconventional strategies, surprising some of their opponents. Finally, they qualified for the 2nd Western Clash which was held in Kiev in Ukraine. Team Expert showed up very strong beating the other regions but in the end they had to fold cards against Fnatic. Which is no shame against the Mid Season Brawl winner and a highly favorized team.

Status Quo

This weekend are the Playoffs, the last qualifiers for the Blizzcon. The last chance to participate once again at an offline event for this year. The last chance to compete against the best teams from all over the world. Korea, China, America, Australia, Latin America and Taiwan and Europe will all compete for the final victory. And Team Expert managed to position themselves the best they could for the Playoffs. Only one series to win, one series to qualify for the main event for every Blizzard fan. Today Team Liquid faces Team Wish (formerly Zealots). The winner will face Tricked esport tomorrow and the winner from this series will, finally, meet Team Expert on Sunday. Whoever this opponent will be, each team has showed up some pretty strong matches and series and will not give up easily. But so will Team Expert!

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