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Our CS:GO girls are saying goodbye

Our CS:GO team has decided to break up so that everyone can go their own way. We sum up the all the highlights and asked the girls about their plans for the future.

"Happy moments [.] funny conversations and always helping each other out"

With this statement from nicilicious, we are looking back on the last year of Team Experts female CS:GO team. Since September 2016 our CS:GO girls have been in our roster. Due to a lack of time resources because of fulltime-jobs, aprenticeships and other reasons the team needed to break up.

It's time to say goodbye to:

Nikolett nicilicious Keszeli

Lisa shifty Catino

Kelly Kllyve Verhaegen

Gina JinJin Kleinen

Petra petraCSGO Stoker


Tournament recap

Just because the girls have only been with expert for one year, it doesn't mean that there was no time to play big tournaments.

Our CS:GO Team participated in:

• ESWC2016
• Intel Challenge Katowice 2017
• Copenhagengames 2017
• Dreamhack Summer 2017
• GIRLGAMER Festival

The biggest achievement of this team was the 2nd place of the GIRLGAMER Festival in Macau, China. In this tournament we played alongside of Team Dignitas, eLixir Gaming and other great teams. Also noticeable: Top 3 at the Intel Challenge Katowice 2017 and Dreamhack Summer 2017.


Plans for the future / experience with Team Expert

Who is able to describe their plans for the future and experience with Team Expert better than the girls themselfs? Noone. Let's hear what they have to say.

Nici: “My time in Expert wasn’t as long as the rest of the team but it felt as a group with kind, passionate and dedicated people this short period of time. Every tournament we spent together will always stay in the back of my mind with happy moments, funny conversations and always helping each other out, no matter what. I wish we could continue but the team just lost motivation, eager to replace two of our players and build up everything from the beginning. For myself I don’t know what the future brings, either I continue or not I still have the competitive thrive in me and I’m sure somehow, I will end up at the right direction. Nevertheless, I have fond memories and I say goodbye to expert and the girls with a heavy heart and I hope all the best in what they seek to do, now and in the future."

Kelly: „Guys it’s time to say goodbye. I dont know if I want to play more csgo or not. Currently, I’m demotivated to play the game in general. The time I had with Team Expert was probably the best time of my life, but everything comes to an end and it was really hard for me. I really love to compete on tournaments, but I need a break. Maybe I will start a comeback or maybe not.”

Gina: “Today is a sad day for me. Unfortunately, I need to stop playing professional in the female scene. My new Job makes it impossible for me to go forward with gaming, and sometimes decision must be made. I plan to stream as much as possible next to my work. That’s how I will continue playing Counterstrike even if I’m not able to play competitive anymore. The last three years have been a really great time for me. I lived my dream and met nice girls that became my friends. I really enjoyed being part of Team Expert. It was probably the best part of my whole gaming career and I want to thank them for the support with all of my heart.”

Lisa: “I’m really sad these days that we need to say goodbye to each other as a team. I really enjoyed playing and experience so many tournaments with my girls. We always had a fun time, of course with ups and downs but still with much love and patient for each other. Even if we couldn’t hit our goal to go out of a tournament as first, I want to thank all our fans that always believed in us and followed all our steps. You are awesome! I will always look back with a heavy heart & a smile.”

Petra received an offer from Dynasty and joined their team.


Staying at expert?

No one knows what the future holds for us, but shifty is and will be the Team Expert socialmedia-manager. Jinjin and shifty might also stay as a streamer in our roster. The rest of the team doesn't actively play or work for Team Expert, but it's definetly possible that you'll see some of them in our livestream (Facebook, Twitch) or on videos we upload to our YouTube-Channel. Even though they physically disappear from our roster, the girls will definetly stay in our heart and are part of the story from Team Expert.

We wish you all the best for the future and hope that we haven't seen each other for the last time.


Will Team Expert stay in the CS:GO business?

"Yes we will!" ... Thats more than a clear statement from our General Manager, Uwe Semtner. "But as of today, we are not able to give all our CS fans a dedicated timing. As much CS:GO is an essential part of todays esports world, as much we will believe in it and will try to get competetive teams in both worlds male and female. But before we talk about first facts, let me thank my CS ladies for their passion, their great teamplay and everything what they have done for Team expert. I joined in person some of your events and I will especially never forget the days in Katowicze and that very special dinner with endless discussions about female clothing in esports. This alone was worth to have met you guys for the rest of my live :)
But back to hard facts ... I'm very proud to announce that we as Team expert, even without an own team at this event, will present the upcoming PRO7 TV show about the IEM finals in Oakland next Sunday at 11pm. I guess thats a clear statement how we see CS:GO as an esports topic in Germany :)

See a summery of images from our girls:

IEM Kattowice-Day-2-43-von-53.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8
IEM Kattowice-Day-2-39-von-53.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8
IEM Kattowice-Day-2-45-von-53.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8
IEM Kattowice-Day-2-50-von-53.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8
IEM Kattowice-Day-2-53-von-53.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8
IEM Kattowice-Day-2-42-von-53.a76ef047d8d24c03823acdf41c4ee7c8


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