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Bly is Fighting in WESG 2017!

Bly has made it to the WESG Lan 2017, and his matches start on Thursday the 23rd! Our very own Ukrainian Zerg run thru a very heated series of qualifiers and he will be representing both Team expert and the country of Ukraine during his time in Barcelona, alongside the second Ukrainian qualifier, Minato. The event itself will be taking place from November 23rd – 26th, with the Group Stage starting this Thursday, the 23rd. He has found himself in a surprisingly diverse group, both in terms of country of origin and in-game race. Featuring 5 people in this group, 2 of which play Zerg, two of which play Terran, and a single Protoss. Not every group saw this, especially group A, in which all 5 of the participants (randomly seeded, mind you) play Zerg.

Players from all over Europe have been competing for a spot in this tournament, featuring players from Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, France, Benelux and more. A total of $40,000 USD has been put into the prize pool, with first place netting themselves a cozy $18,000 along with the gold and a spot in the WESG Global Finals, which will feature a $400,000 USD prize pool instead. A lot is at stake for these players, and you can rest assured that each and every one of them will bring their “A” game to the table, and Bly is no exception.

Be sure to tune in to the Twitch live and cheer Bly on during his games on Wednesday as we see if BlyOnFire can bring the heat!

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