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Team expert Representing at Leipzig

Team expert will be largely present in Leipzig from WCS to Dreamhack! It seems Scarlett’s efforts in the WCS scene last season have absolutely been paying off. First it was IEM Pyeongchang, then the GSL 2018 Season 1, and now WCS Leipzig! We’ve had high hopes for our Zerg queen going into 2018, and somehow, she’s found a way to live up to all those expectations and more while we’re still barely two weeks into the New Year. With this, not only has she proven that her efforts last year have been noticed, but it opens up a second way that she could potentially find her way into the 2018 WCS Global Finals. Also representing Team expert will be Bly, as he was able to qualify later for the event, and assuming he is able to make it through the group stage, he will be competing on the big stage alongside Scarlett as well. We have full confidence that they will be playing their hardest to make it big this year, and we encourage each and every one of you to be there and support them every step of the way!

The tournament itself begins as a standard group stage consisting of 64 players in 16 groups of 4 players each. The top two of each group move on to the second group stage, consisting of 32 players in 8 groups with 4 players each, and this process repeats one more time with the 16 players remaining. These kinds of very group focused tournaments tend to be hypercompetitive, as each and every map won or lost counts towards your final score, which determines who advances to the next group stage, or even the playoffs, for the first three rounds of the tournaments. The playoffs begin as a 16-player single elimination bracket, the winners of which advance to the best-of-five semifinals, before the best-of-seven grand finals. This tournament in particular has a $100,000 USD prize pool, and a whopping total of 11,000 WCS Circuit Points to be distributed among the players. Third place takes $6,500 and 900 WCS points, second gets a nice $10,000 and 1400 WCS points, and first place gets not only the $25,000 and 3,000 WCS point reward, but also a ticket straight to the WCS Global Finals to be played at Blizzcon in November of this year. Each and every one of the players here will be fighting with everything they have to get a shot at the Global Finals, and we are certain that Scarlett will be no exception to this mindset.

Dreamhack Leipzig Open will be featuring Rocket League this year, and in the running for this tournament is none other than Team expert’s Rocket League team! This is a big opportunity for our players, as this tournament features a $50,000 prize pool. Day 1 of the tournament will be a 32 team double elimination style groups, while day 2 progresses to 16 team double elimination groups that will be played in Best-of-five format. The final day will feature the Best-of-five round of 8, and best-of-seven matches for the top 4. Dreamhack Leipzig will be taking place from January 26th to the 28th, so be sure to watch some of the craziest matches of vehicular soccer you’ll ever see.

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