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Team expert is the dominant force in the ESL Meisterschaft

The cup stage of the spring season of the ESL Meisterschaft concluded last Monday, and going into the group stage next week, we have three players in the top eight!

Savas 'Gooku94' Destanoglu, Hasan 'hasoo19' Eker and the reigning, defending champion Mohammed 'MoAubameyang' Harkous were participating in the current season of the ESL Meisterschaft to determine the Spring Champion of FIFA 17. After the cup stage has concluded, the best eight players from said stage are to face-off in the group stage where two groups of four players fight for spots in Final Four in two double elimination groups.

Results of the cup stage

Our three guys wasted no time to qualify for the next stage of the competition as they showed that they fired on all cylinders right from the get go. It was hasoo19 who was in the final of both cups #1 and #2, facing Gooku94 in the second one - despite losing both finals, he was able to secure 100 points which already were a great cushion to rely on for qualification, seeing that the eighth placed player, TimoX, sits at 95 points after all five cups.

Gooku94, however, after winning the second cup and being in the final of the third, gained 125 points with those two cups alone, sending him to the top of the table at that point in time. And with MoAubameyang gaining points in every tournament additionally to winning the third one, all three of our players had very comfortable spots early on.

Bad luck of the draw

Right after the fifth cup concluded, it was time for the group stage draw - and unfortunately, all three of our players were pitted into the same group.

While Tim Latka and Cihan have to face Dr. Erhano and deto respectively in their first matches of Group A, it's MoAubameyang vs. TimoX and Gooku94 vs. hasoo19 in Group B. As mentioned, the two best players of each group advance into the semi-finals.

What else is there to say?

This edition of the ESL Meisterschaft was the first time FIFA Ultimate Team was used as the play mode which changed things up a bit to say the least. While it surely helped some players because they were able to cope with the change better than others, the most significant drop-off in performance has been showcased by M4RV who, after being the runner-up to MoAubameyang just last season, dropped out of every single cup in the first round, thereby only gaining 25 points and placing himself on the 15th rank.

Moving on

Nevertheless, the show will go on next week with the first group being played out on Monday, April 3rd followed by the group of experts on Tuesday, April 4th. Make sure to keep an eye on our Social Media channels to stay up-to-date on everything that happens on Tuesday when our players fight for their spot in the semi-finals.

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