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A Closer Look: FIWC Regionals Europe

Starting on Friday, June 9th, 50 players will find themselves on the #RoadToLondon.

They have the opportunity to qualify for the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final taking place later this year. Today, we will take a closer look at the tournament and its implications.

For the open European circuit, the last chance at qualification will wait for the remaining players when the aforementioned 50 players will travel to Munich to take part at the FIWC Regional event. With eight players already qualified through the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series, it will be those players who were not able to obtain their ticket until now who will fight for their ticket to London.

Structure of the event 

We are looking at five groups per division who mostly made themselves eligible by coming up high during the Season 3 time period of the FUT Champions Weekend League between February and April. The remaining spot has been won by going through the FIFA World Football Museum qualifying process.

Each day will start with a round robin of the day's respective group in order to determine a seeding for the knockout stage held within the confounds of the group. With the last player dropping out afterwards, The remaining players will face each other in a play-off contest with 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd at the start - in the end, one player per group will remain and he will be able to take home his ticket to the Grand Final in London.

Fast track to London?

As mentioned above, for most of the players this will be the last chance to qualify for the main event which puts all the more pressure on everyone involved. The ones that will qualify, however, will see themselves being on their way to London after only one month of Weekend League qualification and one day of group action - to achieve something that others had to fight for at two different offline events in a span of up to five months.

Groups to keep an eye on

Although this sounds quite nice, a look at the groups will show you that achieving that will be far from a walk in the park - especially when looking at groups like the Xbox One Group 1 where we can find ESWC winner Daxe, Paris Regionals winner Tass as well as Schalke's Tim Latka and Monaco's Rayziaah where there can only be one winner.

At the PS4 side of things, we have one similar group where we can find our very own Kevin 'AssiaKevin' Assia pitted together with 2x World Champion deto who went 159-1 in February to qualify, PSG Agge and Salz0r from VfL Wolfsburg who participated at the FUT Champions Grand Finals in Berlin only a few weeks ago. That group will be completed by Fredberg2013 who has also had great success in Denmark already and will definitely not a be pushover of any kind.

In general, the level of competition is crazy among all the groups and will ensure for five very competitive days of FIFA.

Our guys in the race

Together with the aforementioned AssiaKevin who is placed in the PS4 group of death, Mohammed 'MoAubameyang' Harkous participates in the first international tournament with major implications in his career. In his group, he will face fellow German player Gotzery, Brondby IF player ExpectSporting, Nordic Champion of 2017 Lukasinho and Heracles Almelo player Bryan Hessing.

For MoAubameyang, it will be the chance for him to finally shine on the international stage after making a name for himself in the domestic circuit in Germany. While coming up short in the qualification processes for the FUT Champions regionals in Paris and Madrid, he still felt that he could compete with Europe's finest players - he will now have to opportunity to do so.

As for AssiaKevin, he will try to use the experiences he has made while competing at the FIWC 2013 Grand Final in Madrid as well as last year's FIWC Grand Final in New York. However, similar to MoAubameyang, he was not yet able to qualify for the big stage tournaments this season. But by placing 5th in the Weekend League during the qualification month of February, he has earned a place and will now be able to show if he can hang with the European masterclass.

Closing remarks

We are very eagerly looking forward to the upcoming week where ten more players will claim a Grand Final berth as we assume are the players and the fans are as well. As far as the journeys of MoAubameyang and AssiaKevin go, keep an eye on our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to follow them on their very personal #RoadToLondon.

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