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2017 - a great year for eSports

We are looking back on the last year of eSports history. Join us for a timetravel and re-enjoy the best moments of our professional players.

2017 has been a great year for Team expert. In this news we summed up the best moments of the just passed year and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Heroes of the Storm

Team expert signs „Heroes of the Storm“-Squad


On the 5th of January Team expert decided to add a new game to their roster: Heroes of the storm.

The first lineup was:

  • Kevin Keltion Wolske (team manager)
  • Sebastian bLaDe Petraschke (team captain)
  • Adrian adrd Wojcik
  • Benjamin BadBenny Eekenulv
  • Niklas Cursen Skogheim
  • Dominic Nic Asal
Squad debuts at HGC

Our newborn squad had their debut-match on the 22nd of January. Their first match was against tRICKED eSports and our team was able to make a clear statement about their upcoming eSports career with a solid 3 to 0.

Team expert wins the „King of the Storms“-tournament

The grand final took place on Saturday and Sunday, the 8th and 9th of April. After taking down Casual Dreamers in the first round and BeGenius ESC in the second round, both with two wins and zero losses. Our guys were able to reach the grand final versus Fnatic and win against them with a 3:1. As the´winner oft he „King oft he Storms“-tournament they came home with $ 3,000 and the prestige of calling themselves „Kings of the Storm“ for the upcoming year.

Game against Dignitas/End of HGC Phase 1

The HGC Phase 1 was an exciting time for our fans and our players. Team expert was able to decide the most  3:0 ratios oft he whole tournament. The deciding match against Dignitas ended up in a heartbreaking and nailbiting experience for Team expert fans. After 5 long matches and a final score of 3:2, Team dignitas was able to take down Team expert in the semifinals.

This and the loss against Team Liquid for the position 3 places our HotS Team on position 4 at the end oft he HGC Phase 1 which earned them $ 50,000.

Atheroangel replaced for blaDe

On the 29th of May we decided to release blaDe from our HotS Team. As a replacement our former substitute Atheroangel replaces him in the main lineup.

HGC Europe Phase II

Team Expert was able to beat Team Liquid after their desperate try to reach the 3rd place in a solid 3-0 giving them no chance for using their momentum. The Grand Final began, the experts were facing Fnatic who didn’t lose a single map so far during the whole tournament. Sadly, Fnatic was able to keep up this performance and won with an insane 4:0 against our beloved HotS Squad.

The difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is that we were able to secure themselves the 3rd place instead of the 4th and secures them $ 52.000.

HGC Western Clash Kiev

The HGC Western Clash in Kiev was plagued by an already known problem: after beating Team Freedom in the quarterfinals (2:0) and Gale Force eSports in the semifinals (3:1) we needed to face our well known Fnatic in the Winner-finals. Fnatic showed us how this game is played by a solid 3:0 win and we got placed into the loosers bracket. There we needed to play against Team Liquid, but here we were able to win with a 3:0. This put us straight back tot he finals, another match against Fnatic just get taken down with another 4:0 again.

This puts us onto place 2 of the Western Clash in Kiev and made us $ 20,000 richer.

HGC – the final countdown

After being placed in Group D and getting qualified for the playoffs on the 29th of August 2017, we needed to face Team Dignitas in the quarterfinals and won against them with a 2:0. The semifinals then needed to be played against the upcoming winners of this tournament: MVP Black. With a quick 3:0 they showed us who is going to take the first place in this tournament and let us behind with Ballistix on the 3rd-4th place. Even though we got placed their, we took $ 75.000 home with us.

BadBenny leaves

BadBenny decided to leave the experts.

adrd leaves

adrd left Team expert.

scHwimpi and Arcaner joins

To replace the two gone players BadBenny and adrd, Team expert signs the contract with scHwimpi and Arcaner to join the HotS Squad.


Starcraft II



Team expert was built off of our Starcraft II players who stuck with us back when we went under the name of Team Acer. Much like last year, our Starcraft II players and roster went through some pretty big changes. Then, it was ByuN joining the team and managing to win the Starcraft II World Championship Series finals at Blizzcon. This year, it was with heavy hearts that we bid ByuN farewell, as the decision was made for he and Team expert to part ways at this point in his career. However, as I mentioned before, sometimes doors closing often leads to new ones opening, and this was exactly the case. Almost a month after ByuN left Team expert, we were contacted by an old friend of ours.

Mun MMA Seong Won is a Terran player from South Korea who played for us back when we went by Team Acer, and in 2015, he announced his retirement to fulfil mandatory military service for his country. Before he left, he took on one final tournament – the SeatStory Cup XII – and won first place in an incredible display of skill, taking a 4-1 victory over FireCake along with $10,000 USD in prize money. It was with that tournament that we bode him goodbye and wished him well. Now, almost exactly two years later and less than a month after ByuN left Team expert, we received word that his service ended early and he was very interested in continuing his professional Starcraft II career with his old friends. We were happy to welcome him back on board. He spent the remaining time this year training with Bly and Scarlett in our gaming house at Bude Von Tölz, and we are all excited to see him get back into action in the next year. Be sure to keep an eye out for him, because the legend is back!

Our Canadian Zerg player Sasha Scarlett Hostyn has been tearing up the WCS qualifiers across North America in the past year.  She has taken home thousands in prize money through various qualifiers in Jönköping, Montreal, and Valencia, placing first in WCS Jönköping, second in WCS Valencia, and fourth in WCS Montreal. She focused most of her efforts into WCS competition this year, earning a WCS circuit rank of #10 with 16,090 points, and made sure to prove that she is still a serious competitor when it comes to the World Championship Series. We’ll see if she decides to maintain this trend over the next year or not, but either way, expect to see more of the Zerg queen herself on the big screen in the near future, as she has qualified for the IEM Pyeongchang tournament taking place in Korea next year!

Last but certainly not least, Aleksandr “Bly” Svusuyk, the man on fire, has had a successful year himself. He wasn’t as focused on the WCS circuit this year, and while he was able to maintain a solid circuit ranking of #27 with 525 points, his focus fell more on other qualifiers as well as StarLine and community tournaments. He has qualified for IEM Pyeongchang alongside Scarlett, an impressive feat given that there was only a single slot open for a qualifying player from Ukraine, and he made it into that slot. We are looking forward to seeing them both playing in Korea next year, and have high expectations for them both, as well as our other Starcraft players, as we see what 2018 has in store for our players and roster this time around!



Intel Challenger Katowice 2017

The Intel Challenger Katowice 2017 has been the first big tournament for our CS:GO girls in 2017 with enemies like Counter Logic Gaming, Team Secret and Team Dignitas in the tournament roster. Even though they had such hard enemies, the ladies where able to secure themselves the 3rd place against Counter Logic Gaming and won a total of $ 3,500.

Coppenhagen Games 2017

After dominating the group-phase with 0 loose in the Group B and winning against ZEST eSports in the round of 16, Team expert got eliminated in the bracket-phase by Team Secret, who later secured themselfes the first place in this tournament. The ladies therefore ended up on the 5th place in the Coppenhagen Games 2017-tournament.

Nikolett ‚nylon‘ Keszeli joins Team expert

On the 12th of May our CS:GO team recruited a new member: Nikolett 'nylon' Keszeli. The 23-year-old Hungarian plays Counter-Strike since 2005 and made the switch to Global Offensive in late 2012. Her career took a huge upturn when she joined the former Games4u roster in May of 2015 which later evolved to WERUNTHISPLACE and finally, they joined Team Secret at the beginning of 2016.

Dreamhack Summer 2017

Another big achievement in 2017 was beeing placed in the top 3 of the Dreamhack Summer 2017. With a total pricepool of $ 100,000 this tournament definetly wasn’t one oft he smaller tournaments. The female CS:GO tournament pricepool was $ 11,468 and by beeing placed in the top 3, our CS:GO girls were able to take home $ 1,147.


This tournament was the biggest achievement for our CS:GO – Girls. Against teams like Dignitas and eliXyr Gaming, our girls were able to secure themselfes the second place in the GIRLGAMER Festival 2017. Sadly, after their best ranking in such a big tournament, they decided to say…


On the 15th of November 2017 the girls decided to leave Team Expert. The full article about their breakup and plans for the future can be found here.



Team expert ist the dominant force in the ESL Meisterschaft

Savas 'Gooku94' Destanoglu, Hasan 'hasoo19' Eker and the reigning, defending champion Mohammed 'MoAubameyang' Harkous were participating in the current season of the ESL Meisterschaft to determine the Spring Champion of FIFA 17.

Our three guys wasted no time to qualify for the next stage of the competition as they showed that they fired on all cylinders right from the get go. It was hasoo19 who was in the final of both cups #1 and #2, facing Gooku94 in the second one.

Virtuelle Bundesliga

The virtuelle Bundeliga offline tournament took place in Dortmund, Germany. In this tournament we had 3 of our players lined up: Gooku94, AssiaKevin and Mo_aubameyang. Sadly, Gooku94 and AssiaKevin did not manage to reach the playoffs and Mo_aubameyang got eliminated in the round of 32.

Team expert signs 14-year old Denis Müller

On the 19th of April Team expert signed one of the youngest eSports players out there: Denis Müller. He might be only 14 years old, but Team experts sees big potential in him.

DFB Pokal pre-final

Mo_aubameyang and many other FIFA pros went to visit the DFB Pokal pre-final. Stunning photos can be found here.

ESL Meisterschaft new season starts with a bang

After switching from the regular season mode to the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode in the Spring Season this year, there is yet another change in the way the championship is played out. We change up the cup and group stage in favor of a ten-player-strong league format where German's elite FIFA players will fight against each other in another kind of competition.

Mo_aubameyang qualifies for FIWC Grand Final

Mohammed 'MoAubameyang' Harkous has captured the final chance and qualified for the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final taking place in London later this year.

After qualifying via Weekend League in April where he placed 6th overall that month, he was able to travel to Munich and compete vs. LukasinhoBryan HessingGotzery and ExpectSporting in order to determine who of those five will advance to the most important tournament of the year.

Mo_aubameyang extends contract

Since the beginning of 2016 Mo_aubameyang is part of the Team expert family. On the 24th of July we renew his contract for another year and we are looking forward into a great future with him.

Mo at ESL Summer Championship 2017 semi-final

Mohammed 'MoAubameyang' Harkous was on a tear through the whole regular season and will now have to prove himself in the offline phase once again. The ESL created a league system with the ten best FIFA players Germany currently has to offer and went away from their cup phase system which they have used in the past.

And Mo, fresh off his break which he used to acquire his A-levels, is in astonishing form coming off a seven-game win streak. In total, he went 8-1 in best-of-threes beating the likes of deto, Cihan, TimoX and Dr. Erhano and only losing out to his team-mate Hasan 'hasoo19' Eker.

Mo wins ESL-Meisterschaft 2017!

On the 26th of August Mo was able to get another title: ESL-Meisterschaft winner 2017. With a furious 3:0 he was able to take down deto live on stage at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

His smile on stage holding the well deserved trophy for winning? Priceless.

FIFA18 ESL Winter Championship

In the first big FIFA18 tournament Mo_aubameyang was able to reach the 6th place with a final score of 9-9. Hasoo followed him with the same score on position 7 with slightly less points and Gooku got placed 8th with a final score of 8-10.

Team expert signs German Fifa-Youtube Star Erne Embeli from Feel Fifa 

That was a great move for Team expert to extend our Fifa team with one of the greatest German esports youtuber ever: Erné Embeli from the Germam Youtube Channel FeelFifa. 



The TrackMania squad is for a long time part from Team expert. In 2017, our boys played several tournaments like the ESL CPS18, the TMM TC 2017 or the EXES Team Cup to name just some of them. Here is a short overview of the three named cups.

TM2 Stadium Competition Premiership 18

The CPS 18 started well for our TrackMania players. In the Groupstage our boys were able to defeat everyone in their group and advanced unbeaten to the Playoffs. Because of the undefeated streak in the Groupstage, our guys became a default win for the first round in the playoffs. In the second round of the Playoffs, they had to face E-Corp Gaming, which they played in the Groupstage already, but this time it went worse for our team and E-Corp Gaming won the game with 4-2 and advanced to the finals. In the end, our boys ended up on the 3rd/4th place.

eXeS Team Championship

Another title has been added in March 2017, when our TrackMania squad was able to win the first iteration of the eXeS Team Championship. After an almost flawless run through the tournament and the winner bracket final, where our team was able to beat PlanetKey Dynamics once before, they were able to do it again in the grand final! A nice back and forth on the maps ensured a great display of skill across the whole match. Our team thereby not only proved their dominance but also secured 250 EUR in the process.

TrackMania Masters Team Cup 2017

The TMM TC 2017 was held from the 19th of March until the 21st of May. That tournament went very well for our TrackMania guys. After winning every match in the Groupstage, the Playoffs went exactly the same. In the end, the final match of the tournament was between Planetkey Dynamics and Team expert. This year, we could take revenge for the defeat last year and were able to secure the 1st place and thus the 250€ price money.

TrackMania Squad:

  • Romain "Roa" Aillet
  • Fredrik "Bergie" Bergmann
  • Ördög "Royal" Botond
  • Thomas "Paco" Cole
  • Dennis "Massa" Lotze
  • Tim "Spam" Lunenburg
  • Thomas "Serbi" Pedersen
  • Burim "riolu" Fejza

Heading into the new year, the team wants to take revenge in the ESL CPS 19, which is currently ongoing in the Groupstage. At the moment, our TrackMania squad is undeafeated with 3-0 and on the right track to reach the Playoffs again. We wish them all the best for the upcoming year and that they earn a lot of titles again.

Rocket League


With the outstanding future Rocket League offers, it was just a matter of time that we enter the Rocket League scene. In November 2017, we decided to make Rocket League a part of the eSports scene in Team expert. Four young, German player were the chosen ones to be a part of our great family.


  • Jonas "Vel" Schoffrich
  • Claudio "coKaaa" Pesce
  • Lukas "Almost Lucky" Friedrich
  • Marc "Iceteazy" Weber

With lots of top 4 finishes in several cups over the year, our boys definitely proved that there is a lot of potential in them. As this is just the beginning of a new chapter, we are looking forward to a great year 2018 and wish them the best of luck in achieving everything they want to.

PlayersUnknowns: Battlegrounds

2017 was a big year for change with Team expert. A lot of doors were closed, but with them, many new ones opened for us as well. Our Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds team was one of those new openings. PUBG is a game that caught on remarkable well across the globe, and tens of thousands of new players decided that the battle royale genera wasn’t quite dead yet, and this game proved it. It really took the gaming community by surprise, as practically overnight a new game came about that could consistently rival viewership of time-tested games such as League of Legends and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on With its rise in popularity came the question – does this game have enough potential to start an eSports scene? It’s still new right now, and time will tell whether or not it will endure, but for the moment, it only seems to be going further up in popularity. We at Team expert decided that it was a risk worth investing in, and sought out four players to sign for our official PUBG roster.

Those players are as follows:

  • Olivia "OliPocket" Schmidt
  • Mike "sneakyAzrael" Thiele
  • Sami "sonixx" Dib
  • Christian "itzz_chrizz" Blank

We brought these new players onto our roster just a couple short months ago, so their experience and involvement in the competitive eSports scene is limited, but there are two things of which we are certain: they are competing, and they are learning, which is what really counts. We have high hopes for these players going into 2018, so expect to hear more about them and their accomplishments in the next year to come!

Be sure to check out our roster page for more information on our charismatic new players, as many of them stream together or independently on twitch and would love to show off their skills to a new, and ultimately still growing audience.

Pro Evolution Soccer

As Pro Evolution Soccer became more and more popular, in October 2017, PES opened a new division in our eSports family. After the expert soccer challenge on the IFA, we received a lot of positive resonance and decided to stick to the PES scene. With Mike „El_Matador“ Linden, Mehrab „MeroMan“ Esmailian and Pejam „pajamjoon“ Zeinali joining our team, the first step into the Pro Evolution Soccer scene was made. The three Germans are all well-established players with huge successes in the scene. Mike „El_Matador“ Linden was able to win the German Championship three times and also won the World Championship PES 5.

With the new year, the tournaments are coming up like the PES League World Tour. It is Konami's - the publisher of PES - official eSports tournaments to find out, who is the best Pro Evolution Soccer player in the world. Our boys are hungry and willing to invest a lot of time to qualify for the PES League World Tour final in summer 2018. We wish them the best of luck for 2018 and a great time here at Team expert.

That's it for the year 2017! We hope you enjoyed it wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

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